In this blog, you will learn about the simple tips to achieve the highest output from Google Trends. Google Trends assists us in analyzing what people are searching for right now. That means it helps us retrieve real-time data about current search topics and tendencies. This free tool helps you examine how the search results are impacted by time, location, and season. Simply, it provides a graph about the searched item of a geographic area. Additionally, it represents each data point divided by the total search numbers and the time range. Later, you can use these data in different ways.

Simple tips for better insights

Google Trends provides a user-friendly interface that lets you enter a keyword in the search bar and get the result. Let’s learn the tips to utilize this tool more efficiently –

  • Date by date

Using Google Trends, you can know about the search trends of any date from the year 2004 to a few seconds ago. The ‘date-by-date’ search result is based on two data sets. One is historic, which started in 2004 and ended three days ago from the current date. Another data set is based on real-time, which is about the past week. The real-time data set is more granular as it provides minute-by-minute search results.

  • Choose the ‘topics’

When you start searching this tool, it shows search options such as ‘term’ or ‘topic’. It’s recommended to choose the ‘topic’ option. This option is language agnostic and helps you to find out the spelling variations, spelling mistakes, and multiple names for the same topic. As a result, you can curate your content strategy accordingly to target those queries and increase the scope of conversion.

  • Trending versus top-searched

Trending searches indicate those queries that are accelerating faster and gaining traffic over the 24 hours. It helps to understand the frequent changes in research topics. Also, it makes you aware of the current news. Alternatively, top searches are the most researched queries for a specific time frame, such as for a month, and they highlight the search queries that have high search volumes through a particular time frame.

  • Find out today’s trend and real-time trends

You can find the daily search trends for several countries around the world. Also, you will get the search volume from the result. For example, ‘Liverpool vs Man United’ got 50K+ search volume on 18th December 2023.trend and real-time trends

Furthermore, you can find out what is happening in real time. This tool will provide graphical views of each real-time search trend. By clicking the trends you can find the graphs. real-time search trend

  • Optimize local SEO strategy

Trends help you find the keywords' popularity worldwide, countrywide, city, metro area, or sub-region. It assists you in finding potential customers and structuring your marketing strategies. For example, we can talk about the 'sarees'. Indian women are more likely to buy sarees than the women of UAE. When you search based on the sub-regions, you will find that women of Bengal and South India are more interested in purchasing a saree than women of other regions of India. In this way, you can drive a large number of customers by implementing a local SEO strategy. 

  • Perform keyword research

This tool also gives a view of keyword data based on real-time research. So, you can put the keywords to find out their performance over time. It helps you to gain proficiency in keyword research techniques. But remember that Trends doesn't analyze the keyword volumes. Additionally, you can search the popular keywords from the Related Queries section of Trends. It helps you to understand which keywords you should target to boost your SEO results. 

  • Seasonal trends

The seasonal trends come at a particular time of every year, especially during holidays. Google Trends helps you to find out the best time to start your advertisements during holidays. For example, you can see the spike in purchasing gift items and home decor during Christmas and New Year vacations. Also, you can find accurate information on seasonal trends by choosing the Past 5 years filter. 

Additionally, you can search for the harder-to-predict trends. For example, you may look for the time frame of hurricane season over the past few years. Another case of seasonal trends is fads. When a trending topic becomes a seasonal trend, you can tell it is a Fad. 

All of this data about seasonal trends will help you make a better plan for marketing campaigns.

  • See how different places search for the same things

One of the significant features of Trends is that it lets you compare the same topic for different geographic locations. Moreover, you can compare up to five different topics for different locations. For example, you can compare the search results for Coronavirus over the past year. different places search for the same things

  • Check the trends near you

This tool lets you find the top trends in your country over the past 30 days. You can get this result without putting a search term. Similarly, you can get this result for your metro area or state. It helps you create content about the trending topics in and around your locality, gain more traffic, increase sales, and generate leads. 

  • Boost your YouTube strategy

This tool also has the feature of covering topics of popular categories from YouTube. For this, you should switch to YouTube search from the Web search. Then, you can customize the category of your YouTube topics. For example, you can select the Arts & Entertainment category for the YouTube search results. Side by side, you will get the popular Related topics on the YouTube channels. So, it helps you find out what kinds of videos are popular now. Maybe you will get some brainstorming ideas to create your next video! Arts & Entertainment category

  • Download the output data

Google Trends allows you to download your output in a CSV format. You can find the download option on the right side of each chart. Also, you can check out the daily trending dataset from the Google BigQuery.  daily trending dataset 

  • Monitor your competitors

You have already learned that you can compare several topics through trends. Similarly, you can compare different brands to stay on the completion of marketing. For example, you can find out how Zee5 and Netflix are competing in India. Also, you can set the time frame as your choice. You can notice the increment of traffic from these platforms during the new releases. In this way, you can see the result of your company against the other competitors. Monitor your competitors

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Google Trends helps you find current research topics and the most popular trends. So, you need to utilize this tool effectively. Here, you have learned the tips to achieve the best results from Trends. Next, learn about the Foresight automation platform. It simplifies repetitive workflows and gives you the time to think about different tasks. So, try a 14-day free trial of this automation software. You may learn another related topic like – Advanced Google Trends, etc.