In this blog, you will learn about Foresight features that help to speed up your work process.

Foresight is a platform for workflow automation. It features no-code automation, which empowers non-technical people to use automation to their advantage. The goal of this platform is to automate Google Workspace workflows. Thus, it revolutionizes Google Admin and user use cases. Previously, they had to manage these complex use cases manually, but now, they can automate these use cases easily with the blessing of Foresight. So, automated workflows save time and increase productivity.

Foresight features that accelerate your business workflows

  • Workflow automation

Workflow is a set of activities that help you to reach your business goal. Specifically, we can say that workflow is a series of complex tasks. Foresight automates workflows without any human interference. You just need to define your workflows, and then this tool will automate them. For example, it automates the workflow of exporting mobile devices in Google Workspace.

  • Zero coding required

One of the most outstanding features of Foresight is the no-code automation. That means you can automate the workflows without writing any lengthy automation script. It offers pre-built functionalities like – actions and triggers to proceed with your task. Just a few clicks, drags, and drops will lead you to complete your tasks. So, an individual with no programming knowledge can handle this tool efficiently.

  • Integration with Google Workspace

This platform is completely integrated with Google Workspace. So, it can automate the workflows of Google Admin and use cases like Export Active Users In Google Workspace, etc. Also, it streamlines the workflows of Google users so that they can efficiently handle Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, etc. 

  • Remove repetitive tasks

With Foresight, you don’t need to be involved in mundane, repetitive tasks. It automates every task and frees up more time. It helps the employees to focus on other important tasks. Hence, Foresight utilizes fewer resources. 

  • Scalability and flexibility

It’s a sophisticated tool that handles all kinds of automated operations. No matter whether the task is simple or complex, Foresight has the solution. So it becomes a scalable and flexible tool. Moreover, you can customize your workflows whenever required. 

  • Cost saving

This automation tool eliminates the need for human labor by modernizing the workflows. Also, it's no-coding automation removes the necessity to hire expert programmers. It helps the users to handle everything with minimal guidance. In this way, Foresight promotes a cost-saving culture. 

  • Security

Foresight keeps your data end-to-end encrypted and synchronized. Furthermore, it helps you to implement security in your organizational workflows. It assists you in governing security through features like two-factor authentication, etc. Moreover, it helps the admin get information about admin logs and reports about Google Workspace app usage and monitors and automates the Google Workspace user reports.

  • Analytics

Foresight’s Logs page offers an in-depth analysis of an automation rule. You can see all the data about the tasks that are automated, their time, status – passed or failed, and actions used to complete them. The rule history card shows all the actions that Foresight has automated. Also, it shows the details about the event that triggers an automation rule.

 Also, it offers email notifications and in-app notifications when something has changed in your automation rule.

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is a significant feature that every automation tool must have, and Foresight is no exception. It eradicates human errors and produces accurate results. Thus, it speeds up your activities. 

  • Productivity

With cutting-edge technology, Foresight trains your employees for their regular tasks. So they become efficient and confident. Also, this automation tool encourages them to finish their tasks within the timeline. So, it also boosts people's time management capacity. In this way, it concentrates on increasing the productivity of the individuals. 


These are the main features of Foresight. They streamline your business workflows without too much hassle. Also, you can request new features for Foresight. For this requisition, you should post in their community group or contact them.

So, you can try a 14-day free trial of this tool. The free trial offers 20 rules. When you upgrade to professional, you will be allowed to create multiple rules.