In this article we will learn what is Google Workspace Enterprise Plus? Google Workspace Enterprise Plus is an advanced version of Google Workspace.  The Enterprise Plus includes data loss prevention for Drive and Gmail. It provides extra search support and aids in navigating the content of third-party data sources. and this feature is only available for customers holding 500+ user licenses. Again the Admins get enhanced security and control features with Enterprise Plus. 

How to enable Google Workspace Enterprise Plus?

You can enable Enterprise Plus through Google Admin Console. To enable this Google Workspace edition, you must have super administrative privileges. You will find it from the Menu > Billing > Get more services of Admin Console.

There are two types of subscription plans for Enterprise Plus. You can choose any one of them –

  • Annual Plan – For this plan, you need to set up a subscription payment for a one-year contract, followed by monthly user payments as per your commitment.
  • Flexible Plan – On this plan, you can pay for the number of users you have every month. You can add and remove the users as per your requirement. At the end review and place the order for Enterprise Plus.

Finally, review and place the order for Enterprise Plus.

Services of Google Workspace Enterprise Plus

  • Drive

With Google Drive, you can securely create, edit, share, collaborate, and store your files and folders. You can perform these actions from your computer, mobile device, or tablet. It enforces built-in protection for your files and folders. As a result, your files remain safe from spam, malware, and ransomware. It scans all your files and eliminates them if they contain suspicious content. As a native cloud service, it removes the risk of permanent file loss. Thus it automatically saves your file, and you can retrieve your files later if you have any problem with the machine.

  • Gmail

Gmail is a web-based email service provided by Google. It allows users to compose, send, read, search, and manage emails through the users’ inboxes. It enables filtering viruses and spam, file attachments, rule creation for the Admin, and more. Gmail uses a strong encryption policy to protect your data and enhance security. They never use your email content for personalized ads. Their advanced phishing control system prohibits arriving suspicious emails within your inbox. Now it supports integration with other Google services, such as Google Meet, Google Chat, etc.

  • Meet

Google Meet provides features of video meetings, dial-in and dial-out calling. You can join in video calls from anywhere through any device. Meet offers high-quality videos and audio with cross-browser compatibility. It also supports video recording for the Google Workspace Enterprise Standard and Business Plus. But the recordings are available for 80 hours per end user for the Enterprise version. Also, you can find different features for education in Meet, like, screen sharing, chat messages, and more.

  • Sheets

Google Sheets is a cloud-native, web-based service for creating, editing, sharing, collaborating, and exporting spreadsheets. It allows real-time editing, sharing, and collaboration for your spreadsheets. The built-in intelligence features like formula suggestions and Smart Fill help you to analyze errors. Also, you can ask questions to get quick insights about your data. The Sheets allow seamless integration with other Google services – Gmail, Meet, Docs, and Sheets. It automatically saves the version history with every edit. Moreover, it supports BigQuery analysis for Enterprise users.

  • Docs

Google Docs is an online document creation service by Google. It’s also a cloud-native service of Google that allows you to create, edit, share, and collaborate documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device. It has a Smart Compose feature with spelling, grammar suggestions, translation, and voice typing. Also, you can use comments and suggestions for real-time collaborations.

  • Calendar

Google Calendar helps you to manage organizational, personal, and team calendars. This service enables you to view calendars, scheduling meetings, tasks, appointments, rooms, and resources. Also, you can easily share a calendar with your team and notify them about upcoming events. They get information about your working location, hours, and availability through the Calendar. Again, you can seamlessly sync your other third-party calendars with the Google Calendar.

  • Chat 

Google Chat is a service for instant message creation, group collaboration, file sharing, task assigning, etc. It enables team chat space, news announcement space, sharing updates, and more. Its built-in integrated security protects you from more than 99.9% of spam. You can integrate Chat with Google AppSheet. Also, deployment of third-party business apps like Asana, Trello, and PagerDuty is possible within the Chat.

  • Jamboard

Google Jamboard provides a real-time whiteboard for creating and collaborating documents through Jamboard devices, mobile, or the web. It helps you to write, draw, sketch, and insert images through the device. Also, you can add Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to your Jamboard. You can even see calendar events and host video meetings from a Jamboard device.

  • Slides

If you’re looking for presentations, Google Slides help you to create and manage them. It leverages your presentation ideas with notes, comments, and live captions. Then you can present your slides directly from the Google Meet video calls. You can embed content from other Google apps, such as including charts from Sheets, replying to comments from Gmail, etc. Moreover, Slides lets you edit MS PowerPoint presentations without any conversation.

  • Keep

Sometimes you need to save an important note, idea, or image for your personal or working purpose. Google Keeps becomes useful in these situations. This service allows you to save and share your notes, lists, photos, and ideas. Then you can search and filter those notes with the filters, colors, audio notes, etc. Most interestingly, you will get location-based reminders through this service. For example, if you list out some grocery items to purchase from a particular store, it will remind you when you reach the store location.

  • Forms

Google Forms allow to create quizzes, polls, question papers, and any type of forms like registration, exam, survey, etc. Also, you can customize them with colors, fonts, and images to make them catchy. Then you can share the forms through social media or embed them on the website. The other users can respond to your forms through any device at any time.

  • Sites

Using Google Sites, you can create a simple site for your organization. It doesn’t require any programming language or UI/UX design skills. With a few clicks, you will be able to create your site. Google Sites automatically design your sites through a grid layout. You can edit, collaborate, and share your sites with other users. Also, you can easily manage the ownership and sharing permissions within the Sites.

  • App Sheet 

Enterprise Plus allows access to the extended versions of App Sheet – App Sheet Core and App Sheet Enterprise Plus. So, you can access the App Sheet Core, and Enterprise Plus features through Google Workspace Enterprise Plus. It helps you to publish apps through charts, tables, and dashboards. Also, it includes branding, color theme, and localization for your apps. You will also get advanced app and automation features (barcode scanning, natural language assistance, etc.), advanced authentication, application security controls, machine learning features (ex., optical character recognition), and more.

Advanced security features for Admins

Enterprise Plus enables advanced security service – Security Centre for Google Administrators. It enables advanced security information, visibility, and control for the security issues within your domain. The admin gets advanced security settings within the Admin Console for handling organization security. They can use security dashboard reports, investigation tools, and a security health page. The Admin can see through e different security reports and charts through the security dashboard. The investigation tools help the Admin to identify and solve several security issues like – accessing Gmail logs, erasing malicious emails, etc. The security health page helps to monitor the configuration of the Admin Console. It helps you to understand and manage security risks better.

You can learn other services of Enterprise Plus from here.

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It is a no-code automation technique feature that allows you to create rules with customized triggers and actions for your regular business use cases. Thus Admin and users can easily adopt it without learning any coding.

Learn about the more use cases of Foresight, like – Auto Reminds New Users Of Enrolling In 2FA, etc.

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Google Workspace Enterprise Plus enables different advanced features, security, support, and additional storage for the users. We discussed its services and capabilities in this blog. The Enterprise Plus version becomes essential for large organizations (more than 300 users). Enterprise security saves your organization from any kind of security threads. Learn the related topics like Choose your Google Workspace edition, etc.