In this blog post, we will learn about some of the best software to increase productivity. If you are looking for a straightforward definition for business productivity, then it is the amount of output that is generated by a business or a person, or a team as compared to the number or amount of resources they have put into a particular task or a set of tasks. It can be expressed with the help of a parameter or a combination of parameters.

This can be explained with the help of an example: if a computer manufacturer produces 200 computers on day one and 210 computers on the second day, that means the second day is more productive.

How to increase productivity?

Business productivity can be increased with the help of consideration of several business inputs. 

  • Labor hours and employee progress are measured on employees' work time, and you're the achievement of the business objectives.
  • Non-labor expenses include energy costs and buildings.
  • Raw materials that are used in the production of a good or service.
  • Customer satisfaction, peer assessment, and feedback showing the quality or service of a product.
  • Task completion and time management include the time taken to complete a set of tasks, from bringing in the raw material to delivering the goods or services to the customer.
  • Profits or revenue generated.
  • Good production time is the time invested in creating a good or service. 

After this, you need to analyze which aspect of business productivity you need to work on to enhance it and optimize it as per your business requirements. But what are some of the measures with which you can increase your productivity? Some of the important ones are mentioned below –

  • You need to use advanced technology and techniques if you want to know how to improve productivity. You need to use the latest software to carry out all the operations. Also, there are techniques like Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and TMQ are some of the management techniques that are known to boost productivity. Certain processes in the company take up a lot of time. Data management and analysis, which helps us review how we manage the data and generate the necessary insights, is a time-consuming operation. Scaling up the processes of the businesses, especially when the customer base is increasing, is another heavy consumer of time. Media monitoring also takes up a lot of time. If you employ technology and techniques to optimize these processes, then this can boost productivity. 
  • You should constantly review the present setup and tweak and upgrade them per the present-day norms. This also helps to improve productivity. It will also help you to single out operations that need the extra push. 
  • The health and wellness of the team is another area that can be worked on to improve productivity. By health, we are not referring to physical health only; it concerns mental health also. The team should always be inspired and feel positive at all times of the day to give their 100% in any task. 

These are some ways to boost productivity. But in this write-up, we are concerned with business productivity software. In the subsequent sections, we shall focus on productivity apps and software that can help optimize your business operations and boost productivity. 

Productivity Software

These niche app programs would help users produce things like databases, spreadsheets, documents, graphs, and presentations. Productivity software increases efficiency by enhancing people's tasks.

Benefits of using productivity software

There are multiple benefits of using productivity efficiency software. Check out some of the advantages of productivity software - 

Enhances efficiency: It increases efficiency because of the automation of tasks. There are pre-existing templates, and some of them have additional tools. Productivity software also increases the pace of operations.

Improves precision: Automation of features helps in the reduction of errors. Productivity software helps in tasks like data entry and other random actions.

Increases flexibility in operations: Since you can manipulate data with the help of productivity software, you can optimize the task as per your own requirement and cut down on the effort, which helps in reducing the time lag.

Improves collaboration of multiple employees: Some tasks performed by productivity apps make collaboration easy. Multiple employees can share spreadsheets and documents and work on them together. Collaboration and communication tools also improve the connection and bring out the desired result.

Some best softwares to increase productivity

Many productivity tools are available in the market. They are sold as both standalone apps or part of a suite. Given below are some famous examples of productivity apps that organizations use daily - 

  • Google Workspace is another suite that includes Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Slides.
  • Foresight is one of the popular productivity tools that help to automate Google Workspace without coding. It helps to perform multiple bulk actions and allows IT admins or users to multitask operations in Google Workspace.
  • Apache OpenOffice and Apple iWork are other popular productivity app suites. 
  • Also, Microsoft Office is a popular productive apps suite.

Google Workspace for business

Google Workspace is a group of productivity apps with secure collaboration facilities and multiple productivity tools for businesses of all sizes. It includes multiple services like Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheets, Meet, Jamboard, Groups, and other productivity apps.

It provides several business-grade services to users. The services are- custom business email, 24*7 phone, and email support, additional security options like- two-step authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and administrative control for users' accounts.

Google Workspace’s apps work in all types of devices. You don’t need to install any software like the traditional desktop app to access them. It creates files- documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and folders. You can work on these things collaboratively with your teammates and store them in Google Drive. These apps are integrated and work together flawlessly. Ex. you can convert a Gmail message into a Calendar event. Thus it’s a popular business productivity software that makes your business highly valuable. Know more from here. 

However, it becomes a great advantage for third-party tools like Foresight to have the same features of Google Workspace. Moreover, it has some other features. Thus, complete customization and automation can be done with the help of third-party apps like Foresight. 

Foresight an advance software to increase prdouctivity

Foresight is a web app that has been designed for Google Workspace admins. It helps users develop automation in Google Workspace for business without coding knowledge. You can do that by choosing several triggers and actions with the help of Foresight. What can you do with the help of Foresight?


Now you have come to know how to increase productivity with Foresight. From here, you gain a clear idea about how to improve productivity. It’s a handy tool to perform this task with an automation workflow within a few times. Thus it increases productivity and services. Also, you can read bulk move users to an organizational unit in Google Workspace and more.