This article is written for G Suite for Education Administrators.

The table below lists commons issues, causes and solutions. If you don't find your issue in the list, please contact us.

ProblemPossible CausesPossible Solutions
Safe Doc icon is not shownSafe Doc is hidden in the Extension extension icon listCheck if Safe Doc is there
Enterprise policy sync delayedPlease allow up to 24 hours for changes in Admin Console to propagate to your browser.
Network & firewall issueCheck if your device have internet access to Chrome web store's update URL
Your Chrome browser is not managedYour Chrome browser should be managed by your organization to receive the Safe Doc installation. See System Requirements for Safe Doc.
Safe Doc is not force-installedMake sure you selected Force-install for Safe Doc in Admin Console
Safe Doc is force-installed in a different OUCheck if your Chrome profile is under the OU where Safe Doc is enforced.
Safe Doc icon is grey safe doc logo - greyLicense key is expiredCheck your license key's expiration date by searching it in your inbox. If you lost the original license key email, please contact us.
License key is incorrectCheck your license key against the license key email in your inbox.
License Key is missingMake sure you have a valid license key in your SafeDocLicenseKey policy.
Misconfigured extension policyCheck if you misconfigured the JSON-based extension policies for Safe Doc. Learn more about Safe Doc Configuration.
Blocking feature not workingSafe Doc is not activatedSee the section Safe Doc icon is grey.
Policy is misconfiguredRead Safe Doc Configuration and verify your policy is set correctly.
Policy change delay (for certain students only)If you just made some extension policies changes in Admin Console. It may take up 24 hours to propagate the changes to all students. To verify if the policies are synced, please see Check Safe Doc Policies in students’ Chrome browsers.
environment not supportedSafe Doc works in certain environments. Please check out System Requirements for Safe Doc.
Outdated Safe Doc versionVerify if Safe Doc has the latest version in the extension page chrome://extensions/?id=mmhppocgfdombmapajfeafhecobfcjpk.
Students bypassed blocking by other platformsMake sure your students cannot sign into unmanaged environments, e.g. iPad, home PC, Android phones etc. Safe Doc does not support those environments so it's possible students bypassed the restrictions.
Safe Doc software issueIf none has applied to you, it's possible the module in Safe Doc breaks. Please report an issue.
Slow Chrome devicesToo many blocking policies are enforcedThe more blocking policies are enforced, the more CPU resources are consumed by Safe Doc. So turn off unnecessary blocking policies if they are not mandatory to block by your school's policy.
Hardware not powerful enoughIf the students' devices (Chromebooks, Windows, Macs) run short of CPU or RAM, it's possible Safe Doc further burdens the computer.
Check if the devices are fast enough even without Safe Doc.