Why to reconnect?

In normal operation, once you authorized Foresight the access to your Google account under certain permissions, Foresight will automate your Google Workspace workflows on its way. However, in the following scenarios, this authorization may be revoked.

How to reconnect?

To reauthorize Foresight the access to your Google account, follow these instructions.

  1. Sign into Foresight
  2. Go to Settings > Security.
  3. Under Your connected accounts, you will see Google.
  4. If you click Google and all permissions are displayed in green, you are all set and do not need to reconnect. Stop here.
  5. If you see a Reconnect button, and see some or all permissions are displayed in red, it means those permissions were revoked.
  6. Click the Reconnect button. It will bring up your Google Account sign in page and ask you to authorize the permissions with Foresight.
  7. Once you granted the permissions, the Reconnect button will vanish and your permissions will be displayed in green again.

If your rules were disabled due to revoked accesses, you may need to re-enable them manually.