How to Turn Off the RSVP Responses from Google Calendar?

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It’s annoying to see flooded RSVP emails from your event guests, whatever it’s Accepted, Tentatively Accepted or Declined.

Here are two solutions.

Case 1. Mute everything

It’s usually unlikely what you want. You won’t get any RSVP emails for your calendar events. But if you do, follow this.

  • Open your Google Calendar
  • On the left panel > My calendars > Your name > menu > Settings and sharing
  • In the left panel > Settings for my calendars > click General notifications. On the right side, you will see Event responses, select None for this entry.
  • Now you won’t see any RSVP emails for events you created on this calendar.

Case 2: Mute Per Event

This is impossible. Period. 😂

Google doesn’t support this like Microsoft Outlook does. But there is a technique I can teach you.

  • Open your Gmail
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Filters and Blocked Addresses tab, then click Create a new filter
  • In the popup, type and follow this instruction
    • To => type <your email>
    • Has the words => type #no rsvp needed#. Or something complex that only you will use like a signature.
    • Check Has attachment
    • Check Don’t include chats
    • Click the Create filter button
  • In the next screen, choose an action with which those rsvp emails will be handled. Here we choose Delete it. and click Create filter.
  • Now go to your calendar, and create an event
  • Type all the event information and now add #no rsvp needed# by the end of the event description
  • When you finish, click Save and send the invitations as usual.
  • Wait people to response your event.
  • Now look at what’s going to happen in your Gmail inbox. The rsvp emails are never shown for this event.
  • If you want to hear rsvp emails, don’t add the #no rsvp needed# in the event description.

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