In this article, we will learn about How to Merge Multiple Google Forms into One Large Form?

In today's digital age, data collection has become an integral part of various processes. Whether it's conducting surveys, gathering feedback, or organizing event registrations, Google Forms has emerged as a popular tool for creating and managing online forms.

Unfortunately, Google Forms doesn't have the capability of copy-and-paste. It's very time-consuming and error-prone to type the questions correctly.

Now you don't have to. We built a small web application to relieve this pain, called Form Merger. Let's see how it solved this problem.

Understanding the Need for Merging Forms

Before we delve into the process, let's understand why merging multiple Google Forms can be beneficial. Combining forms allows you to streamline your data collection efforts, avoid duplication, and create a more comprehensive and cohesive experience for your respondents.

Step 1. Get Form Merger from G Suite Marketplace

  • Go to our Form Merger page.
  • Click the GET IT ON G Suite Marketplace button.
  • In the G Suite Marketplace, Click Install button.
Form Merger's page in G Suite Marketplace
  • Then it will ask you to login and Allow permissions to read / write Forms files in your Google Drive.
  • You will soon redirected into the application.

Step 2. Select Forms to Merge

The application will present you with its main interface. And

  • Click Select Forms.
Form Merger's main interface
  • In the popup dialog, you will see all your Forms located in your Google Drive.
  • You may multiple select the Forms to be combined, using CTRL key or Shift key.
  • When you finish, click Select to close the dialog.
Form Merger opens up a dialog to allow you select multiple forms

Now you will see the forms listed in the box

  • Use mouse to drag and drop forms into the order by which these forms will be merged.
  • Fill in new title of form in the box of Save Form as.
  • (optional) Fill in the description of the combined form in Form Description.
Form Merger allows you drag and drop the order in which the forms are combined

Step 3. Start the Forms Fusion

  • Click Merge.
  • Wait for one minute (or more/less depending on how many questions your forms have in total). The popup dialog shows you the progress, the number of questions being copied, and the total number of questions.
How To Merge Multiple Google Forms Into One Large Form?
Form Merge In Progress
  • Once it's done, you will see a link to the combined form below.
Form Merger shows you the final link of the combined forms in the interface
  • Now you see the combined long form.
A long combined forms after running form merger

Congratulations! You have successfully reused the questions from existing forms without spending time manually typing again! Now you are free to review and remove outdated questions before you publish the new combined form.

Mission completed!

Still confused? Here is a video demonstrating the entire process.

Please leave comments if there are any problems / issues. Thanks for reading.