Let’s learn How to conduct a Google Meet with more than 500 participants? Google Meet is a popular meeting app of Google Workspace. It helps to conduct remote meetings between multiple people. The Basic version of Google Workspace allows up to 100 participants in a Google Meet meeting. But in a large organization, it’s quite natural to conduct a Google Meet with more than 500 participants. In this case, you have to organize a live-stream event. Since some specific editions of Google Workspace support this feature.

Live stream event for 500+ participants on Google Meet

With the live stream event, you can conduct Google Meet for more than 500 people. The view-only mode of live streaming allows up to 100,000 people in a meeting. The presenter of the live stream is responsible for starting, recording, and ending the event. But this feature is only available in – Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Essentials Plus, and Education Plus editions.

Moreover, if you have a ‘Teaching and Learning Upgrade’ license, you can use this feature. The admin can turn on or off the live streaming. It has a duration limit of up to 8 hours. If it crosses 8 hours, it will be stopped automatically. Let’s see how to create, start, record, and watch the live streams. 

How to create a live-stream event for the presenters?

  • First, open your Google Calendar from the computer.
  • Then, follow this path: Create > Event > More options.Create data-lazy-srcset= Event > More options">
Annual recap
  • Add the details of the event like description, time, and date.
  • Next, add your guests who are allowed for full participation. All the added guests can be seen. Moreover, they can speak in the live stream and present their screen too. Here, one can add people from external organizations and trusted domains. But only the people from the host organization can control and record the streaming. 
  • Click the Down arrow > Add live stream. You will find the down arrow from the next of Join with Google MeetAdd live stream
join with google meet
  • Again click Join Now > Manage Streaming to confirm your streaming. Manage Streaming
  • Finally, choose an option – Stream with YouTube or Stream internally.Stream with YouTube or Stream internally.

Note: To start the live streaming, you have to click Live Streaming > Start streaming. 

Additional event creation for the view-only guests

When you add view-only guests, the event becomes added to your guests’ Calendar. The event is called a view-only event. Also, the view-only guests’ link is added to the Calendar. But remember, view-only guests can’t be seen during the meeting. They can’t speak or present their screen during the meeting. Now, follow these steps to create a view-only event –

  1. After opening the Google Calendar, click the live stream you have already created. 
  2. Then Edit the event. 
  3. After that, click More actions > Create view-only event from the top. 
  4. Following the above step, you can add guests or rooms for the event. Furthermore, you can add the event description.
  5. Finally, click Save > Send.

How to start and stop the live-stream event?

The meeting organizer starts or stops the streaming session. Apart from the primary organizer, people with full participation access can also manage this setting.

Additionally, the secondary organizer should be a participant from the host organizer. Here are the steps for steps for triggering the event –

  1. First, join in the live.
  2. Then, click More > Start steaming.
  3. After that, confirm your live streaming. When your live starts, you will see a ‘Live’ tag at the top left corner of your screen.
  4. Next, click More > Stop streaming.
  5. Finally, confirm that you want to stop it. Stop streaming


  • Record the event

The organizers of the meeting can record the event. To record the event, they should click More > Record meeting

Know more about the recording of a meeting.

How to watch the event?

Guests can watch the live stream using the link they have received through Calendar or an email. Also, they can watch the event from a meeting room. This meeting room is included in that event. 

The watcher of a live stream can start and stop the live playback, play the live stream on a TV screen, adjust the video quality and speed, and switch to a full-screen the event

Some common problems of the live stream and their solutions

  • When you can watch the video, but there is no sound


  1. You can adjust the volume of the live from Meet. So, you have to click the volume from the control bar. The control bar is situated at the bottom of Google Meet.
  2. Ensure that the meeting organizer turns on the sound and that it’s working properly.
  3. Also, turn up the volume of your device.
  • Error message: Waiting for streaming to begin


In this case, the organizer has started the stream manually. But he doesn’t confirm the streaming. So, ask your organizer to confirm it. He should click More > Start streaming on a computer to fix this issue.

  • Error message: This stream isn’t available for your account


Log in to the account of the organization from where the meeting organizer belongs. For this, you should log out from your account. Then, you need to log in to your Google Workspace for work or school account.

  • Sometimes, the live stream host can’t find the Start Streaming button


  1. As a host, you must configure the streaming before the meeting starts. You can’t add live streaming after the meeting begins. 
  2. Also, ensure that your administrator has turned on the streaming.

Best practices for creating remote events

  • Use at least 5 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • You can create a meeting to test the Wi-Fi signal of your location. 
  • Then you can test the speed of your internet. Ensure that you have at least 3.2 Mbps upload and download speed. 
  • Choose a simple, neat and clean background for your meeting. Avoid a tidy room and noisy location.
  • Your Google Meet should use the right cameras, speakers, and microphones. 
  • Try to use headphones or ear hubs for better sound.
  • Always use the upgraded version of the OS on your computer.
  • Ask your participants to join the meeting 10 minutes earlier before starting the event. Carefully accept or deny external participants in your meeting.

To know more about video and audio quality issues, learn this topic. 

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