In this blog, you will learn about Can Google Calendar send text reminders? As you already know, reminders are now converted to tasks, so you will learn to create tasks with Calendar. Text reminders help you to manage and organize your regular to-dos in a more streamlined way. They keep you reminded of all the important tasks, and as a Google Workspace user, you can get such reminders from Google Calendar and Google Assistance. But now the reminders of Calendar and Assistance become Google Tasks. So, you can create, view, and edit your tasks using Calendar, Assistance, or Tasks.

How can setting reminders in Google Calendar help?

The reminders work as alarms at a specific time before starting an event or task. As a result, you don’t miss them. Google Calendar supports two types of reminders: default reminders and override reminders.

These reminders are sent through emails and pop-ups. Default reminders contain private and user-specific information. They are sent to specific authenticated users, not multiple users. Users can set these default reminders for all events in each of their calendars. Moreover, users can override these reminders using reminders.overrides from Calendar API.  However, you have the option to change the reminders into tasks. Otherwise, wait for the reminders to convert into tasks. Here, you should remember some important points –

  • If a reminder has been assigned to you, then the name of the assigner will be added to your task title. But the assigner can’t access your reminder.
  • In case of location-specific reminders, the location will be automatically included in your task details. But you don’t get any notification based on that location. 
  • If you don’t complete a task, then it will appear as a ‘Pending task’ in the all-day section of the Calendar. It will happen for up to 365 days. If you have a pending task older than 365 days, then it will appear in your Tasks app. 
  • If you have to repeat a task more than every 1000 days/months/weeks/years, the Calendar will adjust the task as a recurring task for every 1000 days/months/weeks/years.

Note: Google Calendar never converts deleted items and Keeps reminders into tasks. 

Create and manage tasks in Google Calendar

Let’s go through how to create, edit, view, or delete a task –

  • Create a task
  1. Open Google Calendar from your computer.
  2. Now you can choose any one option. Either, you have to click an empty slot of your calendar or click CreateCreate and manage tasks in Google Calendar
  3. Then, click Taskcreate task in google calender
  4. Next, enter a title and description for your task. 
  5. You need to choose a new task from the down to add it to a specific list. 
  6. Finally, click Saveadd name in calender
  • View, edit, or delete tasks

Ensure that you turn on your tasks to view them. To turn on the tasks you need to follow these steps– 

  1. Go to Menu > My calendars from the left panel.
  2. Check your Tasks box. After checking the box, your tasks will appear with a date. My calendars from the left panel
added task in calender

To edit your task –

  1. Click the task you want to edit. Next, click Edit taskEdit task in google calender
  2. Update the details of your task.
  3. After that click SaveUpdate the details of your task

To delete your task – 

  1. Click the task you want to delete.
  2. Then update > DeleteClick the task you want to delete.
  • Mark your task as complete

For marking your task as complete –

  1. Click the task for updating it.
  2. Then, click Mark completed from the bottom right. Click the task for updating
  • Report a task as spam
  1. First, click the task you prefer to report.
  2. Then, click Options from the top right the task you prefer to report
  3. Finally, click Report as spam > Report as spamReport as spam

Features of SMS Text reminder for Google Calendar

Furthermore, you can use the app Remind1 to send SMS text reminders for Google Calendar events. You can install it from the Google Workspace marketplace. This app has the following features – 

  1. It helps to set text messages, sender IDs, and time for SMS reminders.
  2. This app offers a unique link to a customized appointment page. On this page, your clients can do the following tasks –
  • They can confirm or cancel an appointment. You can check the status on your calendar, or you will get notifications. 
  • You will get phone calls from them.
  • They can join video conferences with you.
  • Also, they can find your location from Google Maps and see your appointment time, date, and other details.

Foresight, the best platform for Google Workspace Workflow Automation

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Google Calendar reminders or tasks help you stay on top of your crucial schedules and to-dos. Hopefully, now you have the clarity on how to create and manage them. Also, you understand the value of setting these calendar reminders. Now, learn everything about Foresight and expand your knowledge of workflow automation. So, try out a 14-day trial free of cost, from Foresight software. You can learn more topics related to this one – Manage repeating tasks in Google Tasks & Google Calendar, etc.