Automate Your Google Workspace Business Process Without Coding. This articles explains what Foresight is and how useful it is.

Foresight is a web application designed for Google Workspace administrators and users to build business automation without coding knowledge on Google Workspace, Admin Console, Docs, Sheets, Gmail, Calendar etc.

Google Workspace is a powerful and fundamental office suite to operate businesses. The Google backed cloud apps are growing mature and fast. However, every business operates in different ways, often flowing data between Google Workspace apps. With Google Workspace, you still have to build integrated solutions on it. Foresight, a product of xFanatical, is built for Google Workspace users and administrators to streamline business processes and unleash productivity without coding experiences.


  • Build automation rules with zero-coding prerequisite.
  • Cook your automation recipes from hundreds of ingredients, email your colleagues, suspend users, generate a Google Form, watch Google Drive changes - you name it.
  • Get real-time alerts for changes or statuses of automation engine so you know the automation works or not.

In real world, we have business cases like

  • As a Google Workspace Administrator, we want to send custom welcome emails to new users based on their profile.
    Send onboard emails from Gmail to new users
  • As a Google Workspace Administrator, we want to expire and terminate certain user accounts by the end of some day, so that we don't have to remember them.
    User suspension at certain time
  • As a retailer, we want to watch stocks in a spreadsheet and send an order email to the supplier if the stocks in certain products fall below 30, so that we don't miss the time window to re-stock for hot sales seasons.
    Send an email from your Gmail when there is a low stock in your inventory google sheet
  • As a teacher, we want to send dynamic feedback emails to students based on the answers they submitted in Google Forms, so we don't have to manually review the answers and type the feedback. The feedback data can be fed from a Google sheet.
    Send a feedback email from your Gmail with dynamic data from a Google Sheet when your student submits a response from Google Forms

Of course, business processes can be way more complex than these. Foresight is on the way to support more use cases. Feedback will be appreciated.

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