This article answers frequently asked questions to Safe Doc billing.

How many licenses do I need for my school?

Short answer: one.

In School plan, one license key covers all students with the same email domain. Regardless of the size of your school, as long as your students share with the same domain name, you only need to pay for the price of one license.

If your students are assigned with different domains, you need to contact us to purchase a School Plus plan license. This is common in a school district.

Where can I find the pricing information of Safe Doc?

See Safe Doc Pricing page.

How can I get Safe Doc licenses?

This Safe Doc License Application Process instructs you to get your license.

How can I get a Safe Doc quote?

If your school has only one student email domain, please complete the Apply for the trial license and Purchase an annual license steps in Safe Doc License Application Process.

If your school has more than one student email domains, please Contact Us for the quote.

How can I pay for our Safe Doc annual license?

Please find answers in the Safe Doc Payment Options article.

When should I purchase / renew my license?

At your convenience. You don't have to wait for your existing license to expire. For example, you can request purchasing the annual license at any time during the 30-days trial.

Is credit card required upfront for the trial?


Can I get a W-9 form?

Yes. Please contact us for the W-9 form.

Can I still pay the overdue invoice?

Yes. You can still pay the overdue invoice by credit card or bank transfer. But if the invoice is overdue, we may void the invoice and you need to apply again to get a new invoice.

Where should I send the purchase order to?

Please upload and submit your school's purchase order in the Safe Doc PO Submission Form (Google account login required), as instructed in Safe Doc Payment Options.

I paid the annual license invoice, but I don't receive the annual license email. Why?

Our system send you an email with the annual license information momentarily after you pay the invoice, from our notification-only email address [email protected]

Please check if the email is in your Spam folder of your email service. If so, you can create an exception to whitelist [email protected], so that any emails from this email address won't go into your spam folder.

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