Sometimes you have a large data set in Google Sheets with over ten thousands of records, you edit the cell in way bottom, close the sheet for a sleep, and reopen the sheet next day. Now the cursor is staying on the top left A1, you have no idea where you were. This article shares with you a simple Apps Script to remember your last edit cell position.

The apps script

 * @license
 * The source code is subject to the terms of service in
 * @author xfanatical 2019
function onOpen() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet()
  var rangePosition = PropertiesService.getUserProperties().getProperty('lastEditPosition')
  if (rangePosition) {
    rangePosition = JSON.parse(rangePosition)

function onEdit(e) {
  var range = e.range
  var sheet = range.getSheet()
  PropertiesService.getUserProperties().setProperty('lastEditPosition', JSON.stringify({
    lastEditSheet: sheet.getName(),
    lastEditRange: e.range.getA1Notation(),

A demo

Remember last edit cell position in Google Sheets


Copy and paste the apps script to your Sheet's Tools > Script editor. This article explained in detail How To Add An Apps Script To Your Google Slides?

Thanks for reading.