In this blog we will learn how to find shared drives with Google Group access.

As a part of an organization, you are required to share documents and collaborate to ensure smooth operations and timely completion of projects. But, sharing these documents, which is an integral part of any company, individually with every member, is a lengthy and tiresome process requiring a lot of time. 

So, to simplify this process and avoid all the hassles, you should create a Google Group to communicate and share documents easily. Moreover, when you need to share folders with your Google Groups members, you can easily use the shared drives to give access to all the group members to the contents of that particular folder.

Shared drives are the special type of folders that are created with Google Drive. You can store your files and documents within these folders to share with your group members. But you must have a Google Workspace account for school or work to create a shared drive. In this article, you learn how to find shared drives having Google Group access.

How to create a shared drive and add a Google Group?

Before creating a shared drive, you require permission from your Administrator to perform this action. Here are the steps you need to take–

  1. Open Google Drive from your computer.
  2. Click Shared Drives from the left side of your Google Drive.


3. Click New from the top left.

4. Give a name for your shared drive and click Create.


To add a Google Group, you should follow these steps -

  1. Go to Google Drive and click Shared Drives. Then double-click a shared drive.
  2. Then click Manage Members from the top. Here, you can add your Google Group as a new member. Also, you can add the individuals’ names or email addresses in this place. The new members get the role of content managers by default when you add them to your shared drive. As content managers, they can edit, upload, move, or delete your files.


3. Then click Notify People to make them concerned about their roles. If you wish you can change their role from the dropdown.

4.Finally, click Send.

How to find a Google Group within a shared drive?

After clicking your shared drive, you will see the name of that drive on the top. Beside that name, you will find a down arrow. By clicking on it, you can see the Manage members. Here, you will see the name of the Google Group who have access to your shared drive. Also, you can change the access level for your members beside their names. So, you need to select a new access level from the down arrow and click Done.


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