Sharing your files and documents through Google Drive is simple. It allows real-time collaboration for Google Workspace users. When you share a document or file through Drive multiple people can access, view, and edit your files. This file is known as a Google shared file. 

Occasionally, you need to move files between Google Drives. Any suspension, deletion, or archiving account in your organization may require you to transfer the files to another Drive account. Ensure that the account you intend to transfer your files to has all the privileges to hold Google services before you start transferring the files.

How to transfer files from one Google Drive to another?

  1. First of all, you need to suspend the current Drive account from where you will transfer all the files. It’s necessary because it will stop any kind of file creation or moving during the transfer process. So, learn how to suspend a user temporarily.
  2. Ensure the similarity between the file hierarchy structure of the previous Drive account and the new Drive account. Thus, you should know how bulk file transfer works.
  3. Also, you can’t add any files to the new Drive account during the file transfer.
  4. Again, you can transfer files that are in Trash or orphaned files. Know more from here.
  5. Then, sign in to your Admin Console.
  6. Next, go to Menu > Apps > Google Workspace > Drive and Docs > Transfer ownership.
  7. Now enter the email address of the previous account in the From user field.
  8. Then, enter the new account’s email address in the To user field.
  9. Finally, click Transfer Files and wait for the process to be completed. After the completion, you will get a confirmation email on your previous account, new account, and administrative account.

How to share files on Google Drive?

You can share a single or multiple files on Google Drive. 

To share a single file -

  1. Go to Google Drive from your computer.
  2. Find the file you want to share. Click on the More action (the three dots icon) from the right side of the file.transfer files from one Google Drive to another
  3. Finally, click Share.transfer files from one Google Drive to another

To share multiple files -

  1. Open the Drive. Select more than one file by hovering the mouse over them.transfer files from one Google Drive to another
  2. Then, click Share from the top left side.

In both cases, you have to select the type of access permission for the users. They can access your files as a viewer, commenter, or editor.

Best practice to transfer files to another Drive - move image and video files to a shared drive

For collaboration, you can move your image or video files or folders to a shared Drive from My Drive. But you must have access to the manager, contributor, or content manager to the shared drive. The shared drive becomes the owner of those files when you move them to it. You can drag the files from My Drive to the shared drive to proceed with this task. 


  • You can move the files and folders that you own.
  • As an editor, you can move your files to a shared drive when your Admin allows you.

Troubleshooting common issues and solutions

Issue: You may experience issues when sharing a file or folder within a shared drive.


  • Ensure that you have access as a Manager, Content manager, or Contributor for the shared drive. So, check your access level from the view members option. 
  • Check your shared drive settings and find if there is any restriction, such as you can’t share the files with the external members of your organization or the Administrator may not allow you to share files with some specific person.
  • You need to wait for a few minutes if you have just created the shared drive. It will take some time to process the security regulations for your new shared drive. 

Issue: You may find errors when trying to edit shared documents in the shared drive.


  • Check your level of access, again. If you have the proper access permission, you will find your name at the top of that access level.

How does Foresight work with Google Workspace?

Foresight is an automation platform to facilitate your Google Workspace workflows. Google Workspace helps to onboard Administrative tasks like new employee enrollment, creating new employee accounts, and more. The admin can perform these tasks from the Admin Console. But these tasks follow manual workflows at the Admin Console. As a result, they become overwhelming and repetitive. Thus Foresight automates these complex tasks and simplifies them without employing any coding. Moreover, it recovers loopholes and implements the missing features of Google Admin. In this way, it promotes your business growth and productivity. You can learn different Admin use cases like - How To Export Google Workspace Licenses, etc. Also, you will find use cases for the users, such as - Google Workspace Archive User, etc.


Transferring files and folders in a new Google Drive is an important task in Google Workspace. By shifting the files you can restore the data of a suspended or deleted account of your organizational unit. Additionally, you can move your files within a shared drive for collaborative work with your team. Now, know about Foresight’s codeless automation and complete your regular business-related tasks effortlessly. Try a 14-day trial with Foresight and later upgrade your subscription plan.