In this article, we will learn about how to mail merge from excel to word. In your organizational workflows, you may need to send emails, letters, or newsletters of similar content, regularly to multiple people. Generally, these documents have the same layouts and just changing the recipients' names does the job. But it becomes time-consuming if you manually generate these documents for all the recipients. So, you might like to copy the contents from the documents and change the name, address, contact info, etc. But this process is time taking too. Thus, an automated procedure to easily prepare similar documents comes in handy. The mail merge feature gives you relief from the above problems. 

What is Mail Merge?

The mail merge is an automated process to create personalized emails, and letters and send them quickly to your recipients. It collects the primary data from a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets to create a template file. You don’t need to compose each template in Gmail or other email applications. This technique handles the creation and sending of customized emails for multiple users. When the mail merge starts working, the Excel and Word file connect. Then the Word file extracts the data from Excel and adds them in the place of inserted variables.

What are the components of mail merge?

  • Data file

The data file contains the data of your recipients. It includes their name, surname, email address, contact number, etc. The mail merge automatically fetches those details from that file and puts them within the template file. The data file could be an Excel sheet or Google Sheets. It helps to create a personalized document for your recipients.

  • Template file

The template file is the final document that holds the message for sending to the recipients. It could be an email or a letter form. You should specify where to place the personalized data within this document.

Things to know before starting your mail merge

  1. All the personalized data from your template file should be in the Excel file. It means you have to create the column's name in the Excel sheet, which matches the variables (name, address, etc) of the Word document. 
  2. You should put these in the first spreadsheet of your Excel app.
  3. If you need to modify any data in the data file, you must do it before starting the processing for mail merge.
  4. If any data in your spreadsheet begins or ends with zero, you should be extra careful. Format them appropriately, as it helps MS Word to read the data correctly.

Advantages of mail merge

  • You can produce hundreds of personalized letters simultaneously within a few times.
  • With this technique, we can reuse the same data file and eliminate the risk of errors.
  • Also, you can reuse the template document for future purposes.

Steps to perform a mail merge from Excel to Word

  1. Open the MS Word application from your PC.
  2. Click the Mailings tab.
  3. Click Select Recipients > Use Existing List from the Start Mail Merge group.Mail Merge From Excel To Word 
  4. Select the Excel file you have prepared. Then the Select Table pop-up will open. Click Ok on it. Now your documents connect your data list.Mail Merge From Excel To Word
mail merge from Excel to Word

5. Next, click Start Mail Merge > E-mail Messages under the Start Mail Merge group and start typing your message.

6. Now add the required field from the Insert Merge Field option. You will find this option in the Write & Insert Field group.

7. A pop-down menu will appear containing all the headings. Choose the First name and create a space using the spacebar from the keyboard. Again give space and choose the Last Name. Then press the Enter button to start a new line.mail merge from Excel to Word8. After that, check and preview your message before starting the actual merging process. So, click the Preview Results button under the Preview Results group.Mail Merge From Excel To Word

9. Next, click Finish & Merge > Edit Individual Documents from the Finish group.Mail Merge From Excel To Word 10. Select All in the Merge to New Document panel. It will create separate email messages for each person in the Excel Sheet.

11. Finally, click OK and save it with a name like XYZ.docx.Mail Merge From Excel To Word

Mail Merge From Excel To Word

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