In this short article we will see how to get Google Calendar ID.

What's a Google Calendar ID?
A Google Calendar ID is basically an email address.

Where to find the calendar ID?

  • Open Google Calendar
  • Hover over any calendar on My calendars , three dots will appear. click the three dots.
  • Select Settings and sharing
  • Find the long string at the address bar as shown below. That's your Calendar ID.
The email address is your Google Calendar ID.

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What types of Google Calendars ID are there?

  • Your primary calendar. This calendar ID is just your email address
  • Shared calendar.
  • Resource calendars.
  • Holiday calendars by country
  • Phase of Moon
  • Sport calendars

What is the use of Google Calendar IDs?

  • To retrieve the Google Calendar API
  • To send special events to specific calendars
  • Used in our Foresight product, e.g.

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