In this article, you will learn how to create a newsletter within Google Workspace. Nowadays, it’s common to get a request for a newsletter subscription from an organization. A newsletter is a type of email content that publishes news about the latest trends, topics, events, announcements of a particular domain, or company-related information for the users. So, it becomes a medium of communication between the business and the customers. The organizations send newsletters to the recipients who subscribe to their email newsletters. They publish these contents in a recurring manner – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Importance of newsletter in your business

Newsletter becomes a great email marketing tool for businesses. As an entrepreneur, you can easily contact your customers through a newsletter and provide the latest news, products, services, events, and promotions. Thus it simplifies communication and fulfills your sales target.

On the other side, when customers get the contents in their inboxes, they respond quickly to the emails. So, you gain more customer engagement and attention through this business strategy. Ultimately, it helps to build a strong customer relationship and brand awareness. 

Benefits of newsletters:

  • Gain more attention: Sending newsletters to someone’s inbox help you gain potential customers. Unlike other traditional ads from social media marketing, search engines, or others, newsletters are more personalized. They directly arrive in your target audience’s inbox. It’s a smart approach to gain the readers’ attention easily, and as a result, you will achieve better responses and gain customers.
  • Increase your brand value: A sustainable email campaign concept like a newsletter can do much instead of a general sales and marketing strategy. You can promote your brand through these emails by showcasing products, new services, successful collaborations or partnerships, reviews, etc. Creating strong and impactful content thrives a long-lasting impression on the reader, and you gain more subscribers for the newsletter.
  • Create a list of subscribers: When your newsletter becomes popular, you grab a hoard of subscriber email addresses. These addresses help you in other ways for the marketing purpose. For example, with these email addresses, you can track click-through rates, site interactions, and customers’ behaviors on your website or store. Again, you can use these addresses for creating tailored emails to send promotional or purchase offers to customers after a purchase.
  • Get traffic for the other channels: The email newsletter helps you to enhance traffic for your other platforms. For example, you can create a call to action (CTA) to tell the subscribers to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channel subscription. Also, you can include a link for navigating to a specific page of your e-commerce store or website.

Tips for creating effective newsletters

  • Determine the type of newsletter you want to send

Newsletters cover articles from every aspect of your business. You have to create random newsletters on multiple topics regularly. So, there is a scope of mistakes between different topics. Thus to avoid this problematic situation, you should focus on a particular topic. It will improve the quality of your content, and you will not bother about different concepts. For example, if your subscribers want newsletters about AI, you should focus on creating those. You will gain more customer engagement through this strategy.

  • Check successful newsletter samples 

Before creating newsletters, you should go through the samples from your industry. This habit will help you to understand the tonality, size, and design of the newsletters. So you will understand how to create impactful and successful newsletters.

  • Rethink and decide whether you need it or not

Try to figure out if your organization wants to make a newsletter. So, understand the availability of resources, such as – time, budget, technological support, etc., and then analyze whether the plan is feasible or not. Also, review your business goals, speak to the other members of the team, and know their opinions. If everybody is on board with this idea, then going ahead will bring more revenue to the organization.

  • Make your newsletter 90% resourceful and 10 % promotional

The users don’t like to get promotional messages every time. If you send emails to buy your product regularly, you will lose your audience. Frequent promotional messages appear as annoying and diverting for your customers. So, ensure that your content focuses on the education part. This will make them excited and willing to read your content and drive the purpose you want to solve.

  • Set a clear vision for your newsletter subscription offers

On the subscription page, state your content’s topic. It will inform the users whether your newsletters will deliver the content as per their preference or not. They have the freedom to subscribe or not subscribe to your newsletter. Also, tell them how often you publish a newsletter. So, it will help you to communicate properly for your subscription page and reduce the unsubscribe rate.

  • Make a creative subject line for your newsletter

Create an interesting subject line to make your newsletter more readable. There is no guarantee that people will read your email after subscription. Your messages may clutter their inbox, but they never open them. So, you should create a subject line that drives them to open your emails. Hence, you need to build your subject lines with different creative and engaging approaches.

  • Add altered text for the images

Sometimes people don’t get your image loaded on the newsletters. So, include an altered text for the images. It will appear on the content when the images don’t load. That’s why users get that you have added an image to the article. 

  • Add at least one CTA

Put at least one CTA in your newsletter so that the users know what to do next. You should use a proper CTA to make them read more blog posts or subscribe to the latest videos. The CTAs help your customers to check out the full-fledged information about the product, event, deals, or something else.

  • Easy unsubscribe process

Also, add a clear CTA for unsubscribing your newsletters. The unsubscribe button should be visible on the content. It will save your newsletter from becoming marked as spam. Simply make the unsubscribe link bold and capitalize it. 

How to create a newsletter with Google Docs?

Creating a newsletter with Google Docs is a simple process. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open Google Docs from your computer.
  2. Click Template Gallery from the upper right side.Create A Newsletter
  3. Click the Newsletter template as per your choice.
  4. The template will open. So, copy the template on your document. Go to the menu and click File > Make a copy. Create A Newsletter
  5. Give the name of that template copy. Then add your content and save it.
  6. Then copy and paste the content into the email and send it to the recipients.

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