In this article, you will learn about How do you join a Google Meet using a given code? Google Meet is a popular meeting and collaboration app from Google. You can join Google Meet directly from this app or other Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc. You can participate in the meetings organized by the other if you're a personal Google account user, Google Workspace user, Google Workspace individual subscriber, or Google One subscriber. It's even possible to join a meeting without a Google account.

Join Google Meet using a code

To join with Google Meet, you can use a meeting code or nickname. Meeting codes are the string of the letters. They are embedded links at the end of the meeting. For example, you have a meeting link like Here, the meeting code is vsp-pxyr-yik.

But remember that you don't need to enter any hyphens in the link. Moreover, you can use meeting nicknames that belong to the users of your organization. However, the nickname feature is only available for Google Workspace users. Also, if your organization has installed a Meet hardware device, then you can enter the meeting code or nickname into that device to join a meeting.

Now learn the steps for joining a meeting with the meeting codes or nickname –

  1. Open the Chrome browser from your computer. Then, launch  Google Meet from the three-dot icon in the top right corner.
  2. Then, enter the previously recorded meeting code in the Enter a code or nickname field.
  3. After that, click Join.
  4. Finally, click Join now.
  5. Click Leave call at the end of the meeting.

Other methods for joining a Google Meet

Apart from joining a meeting with the codes, you can join them with these methods –

  • Join a Google Meet through a scheduled event
  1. Go to the web browser and enter
  2.  Then, you have to select a scheduled meeting from the list. However, the scheduled meetings will appear only if the meetings were scheduled through Google Calendar.
  3. Finally, click Join now.
  • Join through a Google Meet link that you have received

You can easily join a meeting through a URL that you have received from someone through a test or email. For this, you need to click the link you already have. Then, follow the steps from the onscreen prompts to join that meeting.

Note: If you belong to the invited participants from the calendar, you can directly join the meeting through the link. But if you’re not among the invited participants, you must send a join request by knocking. Then, you will get access when the meeting organizer accepts your request.

  • Join Google Meet through Gmail
  1. First, open Gmail.
  2. Then, click My meetings to join an upcoming calendar event. You will find the option in the bottom left corner.
  3. Next, you have to hover over the meeting under the My Meetings, you would like to join. After that, click Join.  
  4. Before joining a meeting, you must grant permission for the Camera and Microphone. So, click Camera and Microphone to turn on the camera and microphone, respectively.
  5. Finally, click Join now to enter a meeting.


  • Only the scheduled meetings in Google Calendar would be shown under the My Meetings section.
  • If your meeting has not been scheduled on the Google Calendar, then click Join a meeting. After that, enter a meeting code or nickname and click Join.

You can click the upcoming meetings to see their details or edit them.

  • Join in a meeting with a Google Calendar event
  1.  Open Google Calendar. Then click the event.
  2. Next, click Join with Google Meet.
  3. Then a new window will open. Finally, click the Join Now option from this window.
  • Join without a Google account

In this case, a meeting organizer or someone having a similar role within the organization will give you access to the meeting. Then, you can participate in the meeting.

You can join Google Meet using any of these methods when you don’t have a Google account –

  • Process to join with a meeting link
  1. Open the text message or email containing the meeting link. Then, click the link.
  2. After that, click Ask to Join.
  3. You will get access after someone lets you enter the meeting.
  • Process to join a meeting without a link
  1.  Go to Google Meet.
  2. Next, click Use a meeting code.
  3. Enter your code. Then, click Continue.
  4. Finally, click Ask to join.
  5. Wait until someone from the organization gives you the access permission.

Common issues with Google Meet and their solutions

  • Sometimes you may get mirrored content when you join Google Meet with Windows computers

Solution: Ensure your Chrome browser is up to date. Then, follow the steps to share a window. 

  • If you’re using an electrolarynx during a meeting, you may get noise

Solution: You should turn off the noise cancellation from Google Meet. So, learn how to stop noise cancellation.

  • When you share a window, drop-down menus will not show

Solution: In this case, you should share the entire screen instead of a particular window.

  • Browser freezing problem during the time of screen sharing

Solution: This issue occurs due to incompatible video adapters or video drivers. So, you must update the video adapters and drivers to solve this issue.

Learn about other issues from here

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