In this blog, you will learn about How do you connect Google Docs to Google Calendar? Google Docs and Google Calendar are great tools for communication and collaboration for every organization. They help people connect from multiple locations, saving time, encouraging people to focus on vital tasks, and improving productivity. Now, you can connect these tools to upgrade your organization's communication channel as well. The integration of Docs and Calendar supports creating events, attaching calendar agendas to documents, and sharing them.

How to create calendar event drafts on Google Docs?

You can create a draft of a calendar event and send it to Google Docs. However, this feature is not available for personal Google accounts. Thus, you should log in to your Google Workspace account to complete this task. Moreover, you can permit collaboration with your teammates to create calendar events. Learn about how to share access to Google Docs to start the collaboration. Now follow the corresponding steps for creating Google Calendar events with Docs –

  1. Open your Google Doc. 
  2. Click Insert > Building blocks > Calendar event draft. Otherwise, you can type the @calendar event draft in that Docs file. Then, click Enter.
  3. Then, you need to add the guests for your event. So, you have to add those people in the Guests field. Then type and search out the contact names you want to add as guests. Otherwise, you can insert their email addresses.
  4. Next, you can add the event title, description, location, start, and end time. 

How to send the calendar draft?

  1. To send this Calendar Event draft, you should click Send event draft to Calendar. You will find this option from the top left side of that calendar event draft.
  2. If you want to change any details of your event, then you can do it from the Calendar window; after that, click Save.

How to add a Google Calendar attachment to Google Docs?

  1. First, open Google Calendar from your computer.
  2. Then, create a new event or open an existing event.
  3. Next, click More options in case you’re creating a new event.
  4. After that, click Add attachment in the description box. You will find this description box at the bottom.
  5. Then, choose a Docs file from your Google Drive. Then, click Upload.
  6. After finishing the uploading process, click Upload or Select.

Sharing options for Google Calendar attachment

To share your Google Docs or other Drive files with a Calendar attachment, you have to invite people. Otherwise, they can’t view your document. Here are the sharing options you can choose from –

  • You can choose to share the file with any person. So, you have to select Anyone with the link can view, comment, or edit. Also, your guests can share these files with someone they prefer. The people of your guests' recipients don’t need a Google account to see the file. 
  • You can permit your guests to edit the shared files. For this, you should choose Guests of this event can view, comment, or edit options. Furthermore, you must give them the Can edit access.
  • If you save your file without sharing, then guests can’t see your file's title and open it.

To learn about the other sharing options for Google Drive files, you can visit this link.

How to add meeting notes for an event from Google Docs?

  1. Open your Google Docs file, from which you want to add a meeting note in the calendar event. Also, you can open a new Docs file if you prefer to do so.
  2. Then type in the Docs. 
  3. Next, click Meeting notes in the pop-up menu. 
  4. Following the above step, search for an event. Also, you may type next to select the next meeting from your calendar. 
  5. Finally, select an event. 
  • If you’re the organizer of the meeting, then you will get the pop-up prompts to attach and share the Docs file to your event. Finally, click Share & attach to give access to this document. 
  • If you're a non-organizer, then you will get a pop-up prompt for only sharing the document. Then, click Share. But, in this case, the document doesn't attach the event.

Note: Meeting notes are auto-filled with the event details. But, they are not attached to the events.  

Benefits of integrating Google Docs and Calendar

  • By integrating Docs and Calendar, you can set up automated reminders for your one-time and recurring events. As a result, your teammates get notifications through emails and keep track of your every agenda. Moreover, you can utilize this feature in your personal life, too. For example, you can set a reminder for doctor's appointments, regular work-outs, etc. 
  • Digital calendar system prefers time blocking. That means it breaks your time into smaller segments, schedules specific tasks, and prepares you to finish your tasks within the allotted time. It also helps to boost your time management capacity, productivity, and efficiency. Also, other people can see your busy and free time slot. It helps them to book appointments with you in your free time.  
  • Calendars streamline communication and collaboration between team members when they are working remotely. Also, you can collaborate with your clients and stakeholders easily. 

This feature is not only available in the calendar; Google Docs also enables collaboration for the users. It allows editing, comments, and notifications for the users. As a result, it helps your co-workers to keep track of the project's progress.

Troubleshooting and solutions for Google Docs Calendar attachment

  • Sometimes, your guests may not have permission to find the attachment. This happens when you don't give them access permission for them. 

Solution:  Ensure that you've given the file access to your guests.

  • If your administrator has disabled the added attachments, you will get the message – 'Adding attachments has been disabled by your domain administrator'.

Solution: In this case, you need to contact your admin.

  • Sometimes, you don't see the Add attachment option. It occurs when your Google Drive is not linked with the Google account from which you have created the event.


  1. Ensure the document you want to attach is uploaded to Google Drive.
  2. You should sign in with the same Google account you created for the event.

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