In this article, you will learn how to use Google Sheets with Chat GPT and AI. As a professional, you are responsible for managing heaps of data and need the right tools to manage them efficiently. In such cases, Google Sheets comes in quite handy. Here, you can store, organize and work with the data in a secure environment.

However, managing data-related tasks at times becomes difficult without including AI. So, you can use Chat GPT and other AI technologies to streamline your tasks. They help you in generating content, responses, feedback, reports, and more.

How to use Google Sheets with Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is a trained language model of OpenAI. It can generate texts on a huge variety of topics. You can easily integrate Chat GPT with Google Sheets. The easiest technique for integrating Chat GPT into your Sheets is using the Chat GPT add-on. Let’s see how we can do it:

  1. First, open a new Google Sheets
  2. Then click Extensions>Add-ons> Get Add-ons.Google Sheets with Chat GPT
  3. After that, search for ChatGPT for Google Sheets from the search bar.ChatGPT for Google Sheets
  4. Finally, click InstallChatGPT install
  5. Then, click Continue to install ChatGPT for your Sheets. install ChatGPT for your Sheets

After completing the installation procedure, you will see a ChatGPT menu on your Sheets. Now, by clicking on that menu, you can generate texts for your target cell. Also, you can choose several options for customizing the text response.  

How to use Google Sheets with AI?

You can get Smart Fill and data organizing AI features of Sheets from Google Workspace Labs. It’s a program for trusted testers to try the new AI features. Currently, it is only available in US English and for the desktop version. You can check if these features are available or not in your Sheet by using the Help me organize sidebar. You will find this sidebar on the right side of the Sheet. But you must consider these tips before using Workspace Labs –

  • The features of Workspace Labs may suggest inappropriate or inaccurate information. Thus, you need to review these suggestions and give feedback accordingly.
  • Never trust these features as professional, legal, medical, or financial advice. 
  • Workspace Lab data may need to be read, modified, rated, and improved by the human reviewers. 
  • Never include any personal, sensitive, or confidential data for the prompts.

Learn more about the privacy notice and terms of Google Workspace Labs for personal accounts.

Understand the AI features of Workspace Labs –

  • Use the ‘Enhanced Smart Fill’ technique

The enhanced smart fill feature provides suggestions in two different ways, which are live suggestions and suggestions after completing the editing tasks. In the case of live suggestion, the enhanced smart fill appears when you enter your texts manually on your Sheet. These suggestions appear when the predictions are available for the Sheets. Understand the AI features of Workspace Labs

Then, you can manipulate the enhanced smart fill suggestions in two ways. You can accept them by clicking on the suggestion bubbles. Also, you can reject them by clicking the cancel icon. Furthermore, you can try the popular use cases of this feature, such as – organizing news by their topics, converting address data into a consistent format, categorizing feedback by their themes, and extracting phone numbers from the text fields. 

As you know, the suggestions generated from these features are inappropriate; you can provide feedback against them. Your feedback will help Google to improve its AI features. So, you can send feedback using these steps – 

  1. First, click the three dot menu from a suggestion.
  2. After that, click Send feedbackclick the three dot menu from a suggestion
  3. If you want to create general feedback, then click Help > Help Sheets improve. You will find these options at the top of the page. 
  4. If you want to report a legal issue you can do it in any of these three methods. Using Send feedback > Report an issue or Suggest an idea > Legal Help or create a request.  
  • Organize and track your data

The Help me organize prompt assists you in creating a table or preserving your data. Later you can generate feedback against the generated table. 

  1. So, first, you have to open a new sheet of your Google Sheets. Then, the Help me organize sidebar will open automatically. Organize and track your data
  2. Next, enter a prompt.Enter a prompt.
  3. Then, click Createcreate this prompt
  4. Finally, click InsertInsert the prompt

Moreover, you can perform some additional operations based on your generated table. You can edit the prompts, create a new version of the table, or send feedback about the table. 

Note: To submit the feedback you should follow these steps –

  1. Click Good Suggestions or Bad Suggestions from the bottom of the text.
  2. If you choose Bad Suggestion, you should select the issue related to it and provide additional feedback.
  3. After that, click Submit

Benefits of using Google Sheets with Chat GPT and AI

You will get the following benefits by using Chat GPT and AI –

  • They can automate your regular manual tasks and help to manage your time efficiently. As a result, you can concentrate on other significant tasks. 
  • AI and Chat GPT boost your efficiency and confidence. It leads you towards better productivity.
  • The text responses from ChatGPT help you to make informed decisions about your business. 

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You can easily integrate Chat GPT with your Google Sheets. Also, Sheets have some built-in AI features to automate your tasks. You have already learned about how to obtain these features. They will save you time and productivity. From this context, you may feel like integrating automation software for your business. So, you can try Foresight and see its outstanding automation capabilities. Try out a 14-day free trial first and then upgrade it. Also, you can learn other blogs related to this one – Collaborate with Duet AI in Google Sheets, etc. 

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