In this blog post, we'll see 3 Tips for using Google Meet for Parent-Teacher Conference. This informative post is going to be very helpful for online schools. So, let's see how to conduct a convenient meeting.

Today, parent-teacher meetings are more accessible than ever. You don’t have to invite them to your office but to a virtual conference. Google workspace for education has made it possible and effortless. The student's parents can join a google meet session with teachers or read their children’s performance records on google docs and google forms. Covid-19, however, changed our mode of education radically. Since 2019, the majority of students worldwide have attended online sessions instead of physical classes. Similarly, the Parent-Teacher conferences are also held online using online platforms like Google Workspace for education.

Google Meet parent-teacher conferences | Google Workspace For Education
Google Workspace for Education Parent-Teacher Conferences

Online courses were available, but people weren’t much optimistic about them. However, Covid-19 boosted up the digitalization of the education system. Moreover, companies like XFanatical are easing our work with products like Safe Doc.

We have listed a few practical ways to Prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences Using Google Workspace for Education.

Do your homework before Google Meet Parent-Teacher Conference

Before joining a virtual parent-teacher conference, prepare a detailed sheet of their children’s performance. It will make your work easier and help parents know about the progress and interests of their children.

This progress sheet will set the tone for the conference. You may include the academic data, the student's interest and performance in extra-curricular activities, and behavioral records.

It is best to include all the positives and negatives in the sheet and email it to parents before joining the online conference. It will help them understand the agenda of the virtual meeting and its importance. It would be best to explain why joining this meeting is crucial for them and how it can affect their children’s future. They should know what will be discussed at the conference. Therefore, parents will be more invested and focused during the google meet session.

Take feedback from parents at the end of parent-teacher conference

Include a CTA (call to action) button for parents in your email or call. Encourage them to provide their input and suggestions for the virtual Parent-Teacher conference. Ask them what problems, issues, and changes they would like to discuss during the meeting. They must have some complaints, suggestions, or messages of gratification that they want to convey to you.

Parents might want to convey that their kids are going well academically, but their social skills aren’t good enough. Their children’s behavior is not good, or they are emotionally too weak, etc.

Record their feedback in Google Forms and discuss it during the Google meet session. Satisfy them regarding their complaints and suggestions and then take action after the virtual parent-teacher conference. It is a great way to show your dedication to your student's success.

Take Parents in Confidence during the Google Meet session

Google Workspace for Education is remarkable for conducting parent-teacher conferences. However, you need to provide them with a suitable environment for discussing their concerns. One way to do it is to present to them the recorded progress of their kids and the hard work of teachers. It is possible thanks to Google Workspace for Education. You can record all the online classes on Google meet, students’ performance in Google forms and docs, their assignments’ submission time, and progress through Google Classroom. This way, the true aim, to evaluate the current teaching strategy and take feedback from the parents, will be achieved. Furthermore, you will gain their trust with honesty.

Instruct parents on the use of Google Workspace for Education

Children can quickly adapt to the new online ways of education and lectures, but their parents might not be as tech-savvy. That’s why you need to make an instructional video or infographics on using the Google Workspace for a Parent-Teacher virtual conference.

Along with the instructional video, provide a guide with a few pointers that explain which platform you will be using and how to access it.

  • Send the instructional video
  • Provide a simple how-to guide
  • Inform which platform you will utilize
  • How to access the platform
  • Infographics will significantly help
  • Include the schedule of the virtual conference in the email

It will minimize their struggle and motivate them to participate in the meeting.

Google Workspace for Education Keeps You Organized and Positive

GWFE is an organized and systematic platform. According to a report, more than 170 million people are using Google workspace for education. It provides solutions for problems related to organizing and storing your data. Nowadays, you need data and facts to prove transparency. Every product from Google Workspace allows you to store data and keep track of activities during online classes.

You will have parents complaining about different issues in distinct tones. Only a solution-driven attitude backed with data and facts can make your Parent-Teacher Conferences fruitful. Without data and reassurance, it will be a baseless discussion with everyone complaining.

  • Keep a record of online classes
  • Make a file for every student in google forms or google classroom
  • Give access to their parents

Adopt technology and improve your system

Be Specific and Stick to the agenda of the virtual conference

Sometimes the discussion can go off-track. But it would be best if you steered it back to its primary agenda. Here, the progress sheet you prepared before the google meet session will help you. Refer to the points noted in the sheet and particular classroom incidents to provide detailed performance reports.

Transparency is a great way to satisfy parents of the school’s role and their kids’ progress with time. You should also refer to complaints from the previous parent-teacher meetings and how the school solved those problems. It will leave a long-lasting positive impression on the parents.

How To Ensure Productivity  while Using Google Workspace for Education

According to a study, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. Therefore, it’s crucial to restrict students from getting distracted and engage them in online classes. Here’s how you can make them focus on studies through Safe Doc.

Safe doc restricts students from accessing

  • Unethical pictures
  • Games during classes
  • Offensive words
  • Late assignment submission
  • Frequently revising assignments and classwork

Furthermore, it provides privacy to students present in the virtual classes and participants in google classroom and other such platforms. It eases the work of teachers as well as increases productivity.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to satisfy complaining parents but be patient and positive. Give them a voice in the conference and present detailed transparent reports from teachers and students. During a virtual parent-teacher conference, a friendly and solution-oriented attitude will result in a fruitful session. Stay on the agenda and be specific during the conversation by referring back to the points noted before the session.