In this informative blog post, you will learn how online schools can manage Google Workspace For Education using Safe Doc Chrome Extension. Learn how you can build a safe and collaborative environment by preventing students from misusing Google Workspace for Education features with Safe Doc.

Protect students from inappropriate content in Google Workspace with Safe Doc

Over 170 million students, as well as educators, use Google Workspace for Education (GWFE) regularly. And with the ever-growing popularity of the platform, this number has been predicted to skyrocket in the next few years.

While GFWE has seriously helped thousands of schools build a collaborative learning environment. Especially throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, you’ll find your students misusing some of its features that allow them to.

  • Browse harmful obscene images from Google Doc
  • Bully each other with offensive middle finder emojis
  • Misuse collaborative features as a chat tool
  • Disrupt classroom order
  • And more!

Google rolls out updates and integrates various new features to GFWE on a regular basis. However, despite the tech giant’s focus on building a safe and collaborative environment for everyone in the school, children have managed to find loopholes – which result in misbehavior and cause chaos.

We’ve personally witnessed children using the Google Image Search feature in Google Docs to find irrelevant or adult content. At the same time, children are using Google’s built-in dictionary features in Google Docs to look up some foul words. And that’s not all.

We’ve seen them play Pac-Man or Snake video games via Google search results, which lead to a disruptive environment. And you’ll be shocked to know that children are using Google’s collaborative feature – as a chat tool.

That’s a topic of concern – not just for parents but for schools as well.


Apart from this causing harm to children, it’s really important to note that the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires schools and libraries to enforce an internet safety policy. That includes relevant technology protection measures to address concerns related to children accessing harmful or obscene content over the internet. According to CIPA, schools and libraries are required to implement an internet safety policy that addresses:

Manage Google Workspace for Education | CIPA

And while schools would love nothing more than to deal with these loopholes, the problem is – there’s no way to do it via Google Admin Console. To help schools address and resolve these issues, we’ve developed a highly reliable and safer means to manage Google Workspace for Children – Safe Doc.

Use Safe Doc to manage Google Workspace For Education and Protect Your Students from Inappropriate GWFE Features.

Safe Doc protects students from accessing inappropriate content and prevents them from misusing certain class-disrupting features in Google Workspace for Education. It’s a Chrome extension that students can easily install from the Chrome store and makes it much easier for schools to manage GWFE and build a safe and collaborative learning environment.

Not only does it prevent children from accessing inappropriate content and disrupting school activities, but Safe Doc also helps parents to be at peace of mind. Additionally, using Safe Doc can help schools ensure CIPA compliance, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved. With Safe Doc, you can get your students’ internet safety under control both during and after school premises and protect them from inappropriate features. From blocking obscene images to time-consuming, disruptive games to inappropriate file sharing, Safe Doc helps schools and parents build a productive learning environment.

Here's a list of some of the Safe Doc features:

  • Block obscene images, videos, or document searches via Google Docs.
  • Hide time-consuming games.
  • Ban offensive (middle-finger) emojis
  • Allow or disallow students to share drive resources with each other.
  • Block the “Publish to Web” button in GDocs.
  • And so much more!

Click HERE to learn more about Safe Doc. Also, we’ve some good news – you can even apply for a 30-days trial license before switching to the paid version. So, what are you waiting for?

Deploy Safe Doc to build a safe learning environment.