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Welcome to xFanatical, where we are dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals with the tools they need to succeed. As experts in Google Workspace, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline your work processes and increase your efficiency.

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We help businesses increase operational efficiency on Google Workspace.

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Businesses adopting productivity software yield more revenues and happy employees and customers. We are passionate of creating productivity software integrated with Google Workspace to assist businesses optimize operational efficiency.

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Get technical expertise at hand when you work with Google Workspace. We are a Google Cloud Technology Partner and we've been closely working with Google Cloud services since our foundation. It never hurts to drop us a line.

Custom Cloud Solutions

We help address your unique business problems on Google Workspace and build innovative solutions aligning with your business goals. Google Cloud services, Sheets, Forms, Gmail, Apps Script, Kubernetes, App Engine, Compute Engine etc, are all our realm.

Continuous Innovation

Discover free resources, tips and our thoughts and ideas about Google Workspace and Productivity. There are always more rooms to improve your workspace with advanced technologies.

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Learn with Safer Google Education Apps

Learn with Safer Google Education Apps

Protect students from inappropriate content and features in Google Workspace for Education, the must-have for K-12 schools.

Automate Workflows on Google Workspace

Automate Workflows on Google Workspace

Improve productivity and reduce operational cost by automating your business workflows on Google Workspace. No programming required!

Automate Workflows on Google Workspace

Custom Software for Google Workspace

We tailor and deliver high quality add-ons, extensions or Google Apps Scripts to address your unique business needs on Google Workspace.

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Modern workspace software cannot live without reliable cloud infrastructure. As a Google Cloud Partner, we ensure delivering the best quality products and services with leading technologies for Google Workspace users.

We Partner With Google Cloud

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