Remote learning has become an effective solution for students globally. One of the best ways students and teachers could engage in a continuous workflow is through Google Classroom.

From assigning homework to providing necessary study material, Google Classroom covers it all. When it comes to remote learning, Google Classroom is an essential tool for everyone.

Use Google Classroom for Remote Learning

6 ways to Use Google Classroom for Remote Learning

Although Google Classroom has been a vital tool for online learners, many people may still find it challenging to use. Especially for beginners, learning about a few tools and techniques may come in handy. Because, without the right understanding and strategy, a simple task can turn out to be very tedious. Here are 6 ways for you to use Google Classroom for remote learning.

Using A Daily/Weekly Checklist

A daily or weekly checklist can simplify your plans and work for the coming days. At the same time, you will be able to have a more methodical approach to meeting your academic goals by using a checklist. For instance, you can plan for your class tests, provide reading materials, teaching programs, counseling sessions, etc. by using an appropriate checklist.

In the Google Classroom, you can find a “To Do” section. Your upcoming assignments, deadlines, scheduled work, and so on will appear there. It can help you to make a checklist according to your needs. Additionally, you can use Google Docs or Google Sheets to make a separate checklist. This will be helpful for both teachers and students in remote learning.

Use Topics to Streamline Your Work

When it comes to remote learning, streamlining work can be very useful. To assist you in that, Google Classroom has the “Topics” function. For teachers, it can help to streamline students to organize all resources and streamline the students for the course.

Similarly, for students, streamlining their work will help them to find the resources they are looking for. When the instructor uses the “Useful Information and Resources” topic, students can easily access the required toolkits for that class.

Using The Comment Bank While Marking

Many teachers and students may find that the exam and tests over remote learning are much more challenging. Especially, marking can become quite difficult as there is no opportunity to communicate in person. When teachers want clarification or specification to an answer, they might face obstacles to doing so. This wouldn’t be an issue for offline teaching.

To help teachers and students with that, the private comments under the script submission post become a vital tool. The teachers can ask specific questions related to the answer script there. Similarly, students can privately make necessary queries. This allows a better understanding and marking procedure in remote learning.

Assigning GSuite Materials

Remote learning becomes much more effective and efficient when different platforms integrate. Students and teachers worldwide can get a better academic experience in this way. And the best way to achieve this is through integrating GSuite materials. Especially for online learners, combining the GSuite material can help them get a better learning experience.

Teachers can take live classes with Google Meets. They can provide necessary study material and resources through Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Slide, and so on. That is, through multiple GSuite apps, you can enhance the learning experience further. It will create better communication and collaboration.

Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling posts can come in handy on different occasions. In case of exams, you can schedule your posts to reach the students at the exact time. This prevents the possibility of being late or inconstant in being punctual in the classroom. Scheduling your posts allows you to provide the most convenient and consistent remote learning experience to all the students.

By scheduling the necessary materials, teachers can ensure that they are providing a consistent workload to all the students. Using Google Classroom’s schedule function, you can leave drafts or posts to assign at a specified time. This will help you to create a balanced system in the classroom. You can also manage your tasks better by scheduling them appropriately.

Use Announcements in Classroom

Remote learning brings in the barrier of obstacles in direct communication. Especially, with different time zones and geographical locations, communication can become difficult. To help you with that, Google Classroom allows you to make announcements in the classroom. You can announce a necessary notice or information in the classroom to reach all students altogether.

Similarly, for sharing essential links, forms, or resources with all the students you can use the announcements option. This will not create an assignment post for the students. The students can also check the notice immediately through notifications from the classroom. As a result, teachers get to make immediate communication with students upon necessity.

Have Better Control Over Your Google Classroom for Remote Learning

In times of remote learning, having better control over your Google Workspace For Education (GWFE) is essential for teachers. Often, the Google Admin Console does not provide you granular control over your GWFE features. This can be a significant feature for your Google Classrooms. To help you with that, Safe Doc is a must-have tool.

Safe Doc is simple and easy to operate. It can filter your students from unnecessary, obscene, and harmful content. In times of remote learning and online-based activities, it is a must-have safety tool for all schools and teachers. So, with Safe Doc, you can protect your students with the best safety features at an affordable cost.


Remote learning and Google Classroom go hand in hand for teachers and students worldwide. It has allowed an undisrupted workflow and education even in the most challenging times. With that, maintaining safety and privacy in these digital platforms has become a mandatory feature. Thus, with Safe Doc, make sure to provide the best learning experience to all your students.