In this current blog, you will learn about how to Enhance Team Productivity using Gmail Workflow Automation. Nowadays, email marketing is a key player for every organization, and an effective strategy here can lead a business toward success. However, at times, you need to speed up your email marketing workflows to remain competitive in this market. Here comes the need for automation workflows. It’s a game changer for the email marketers. So, a workflow automation platform helps you streamline your regular email operations and create personalized emails. The goal of deploying automation in your email workflows is effective communication, generating more leads, and encouraging desired actions.

Methods of using Gmail workflow Automation for Productivity

Depending on your business needs, your email marketing workflows may be simple or complex. But either way, the goal is the same – creating a streamlined process and enhancing engagement from the audiences. According to research by Salesforce, marketing automation improves sales productivity by 14.5% and reduces overhead costs by 12.2%.

Now, find out some useful methods of automating Gmail workflows. 

  • Automate Welcome Email

Welcome email is a key factor in your email automation process. It creates the first impression on your new subscriber. It’s a great way to introduce your audience to your brand, product, or services. So, try to create a welcome email that builds long-lasting communication with your new customers. 

Moreover, you can automate a series of welcome emails to target the new leads. You can offer something exciting in your welcome series, which prompts them for further interaction with you. For example, you can provide small educational courses to guide your new leads. You also need to clarify the expectations and duration of the courses to get the desired output.

  • Follow up on new leads

When your new leads show interest in specific content, you should respond to them quickly. If they have to wait for too long to get a response from you, then there is a chance you will lose a new customer. Thus, you can set up automated follow-up emails for your leads. It helps to send your response without further delay when someone shows interest in your content, and here, you can use auto-responders for Gmail with third-party automation platforms. It helps to increase the engagement rate and helps you to achieve target leads. 

  • Re-engagement campaign

Having a long list of subscribers doesn’t mean you have a good engagement rate. Not every subscriber of your list opens your email content. Since they are not active users, you don’t have any interaction with them. Thus, you may try to re-engage these people with your content. From this point of view, you can start a re-engagement campaign for them. But is it possible? You can create a segment of re-engagement emails for them.

So, to create an automated solution to send these emails to your inactive users, first, ask them if they are still interested in getting your content within their inbox and send a follow-up email. Then, give them a last chance to remain subscribed. If they deny your proposal, then they will be unsubscribed automatically. 

  • Automate email resending

Resending your emails is an effective way to increase the email opening rate. It also helps to improve your conversion rate. Sometimes, your potential customers may miss your newsletters as they go offline when you send a newsletter to them. But, once they reopen their inbox, your message may have gone unnoticed due to the huge email clutter.

Now, if you resend these emails to their inbox, there is a chance they will notice your email. Here, you can automate the resending process for those who don’t open your emails on the first go. But you can change the subject line or add some notes to complete this action. 

  • Save email attachments automatically

It’s quite common to lose track of email attachments. So, to help your cause, you can set an automated workflow to save and track your email attachments easily. It helps you to store these attachments in specific folders or some cloud-sharing apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. 

  • Sending post-purchase emails

Post-purchase emails encourage your customers to share their opinions after purchasing a product or service from your brand. Also, you can send emails after they try out your service, attend an event, or have an interaction with someone from your organization. Automating these types of emails increases your engagement rate. It also shows your transparency to the customers. These emails contain polite and warm messages for your customers, which encourage them to take action. 

  • Emails contain limited-time offers

Limited-period offers to drive more customers for your brand and to create these emails; you need powerful and engaging content and impactful design and layouts. Automation makes everything possible for you. A proper automation strategy helps to increase your customers’ interest in receiving offers. 

  • Use generative AI for email writing

Along with automated workflows, you can use generative AI for email marketing. It offers powerful email composing features. So, you can choose an AI assistant that meets your expectations. For example, Google Cloud offers an AI-powered assistant named Duet AI. It includes several features for composing emails quickly.

Here, you can draft, summarize, reply, and prioritize emails for Gmail workflows with this tool. As a result, you can manage emails efficiently within your busy schedules. Moreover, it helps to choose the right writing styles, formalities, and approaches for your emails. It even supports rewriting emails wherever required.

Enhance your team’s efficiency with Foresight

The automation capabilities of Foresight eliminate the need for regular manual tasks. It offers Google Workspace workflow automation to boost the capabilities of admin and users. It automates everything from employee onboarding to sending welcome emails, generating reports, exporting data, managing devices, governing security for employee accounts, and more. In this way, it nurtures the time management, productivity, and growth of your organization. 

So, learn the automation workflows from Foresight to supercharge your email marketing. You may like – Automated Recurring Out Of Office Reply In Gmail, etc. 


To sum up, efficient Gmail Workflow automation plays a key role in increasing the efficiency of your OU. At the same time, it plays a pivotal role in attracting new customers, maintaining a solid relationship with existing clients, and improving your business's revenue. Now, learn about Foresight’s automation workflows and integrate them into your workspace. So, try its 14 day free trial without any delay.