When you add an organizational unit to Google workspace, you make your digital schooling more disciplined, well-designed, and safe. Moreover, Google workspace organizational units are great for exercising your school policies in the digital space. In this article, we take a deep look into how you can set up student organizational units in your Google Workspace.

Set Up Student Organizational Units in Google Workspace for Education

What Is the Importance Of Organizational Units?

Setting up a student organizational unit in your Google Workspace for Education is important for a lot of reasons. First, organizational units let you enforce the policies that help in the development of students.

Secondly, these units create an effective design for your Google workspace for education. As a result, you can easily yet skillfully manage classrooms or a whole school from your Google workspace.

In addition, Google workspace organizational units help you to exercise more control over how your students function and interact in the school workspace. Because you can apply settings for defined groups of students.

Along with that if you use an extension like Safe Doc, you can make your Google workspace organizational unit’s aka. Student study/work/activity groups are more secure.

Google workspace OUs can also help administrators tackle large educational models. Such as, managing several schools in the same locality through one Google workspace account.

In this case, the administrator is managing the whole affair from one interface. But can still apply the different policies across the different schools (aka. the Google workspace organizational units).

In short, you can create a disciplined, safe and productive environment for education when you use organizational units in Google workspace. Further, when you use a smart extension, you gain more control over your student groups.

How To Add an Organizational Unit in Google Workspace?

You can easily add an organizational unit to your Google Workspace for education. Just sign in to your Google Admin Console using the administrator account you use for your workspace. Then find 'Organizational Units' on your Admin Console's home page. From there click 'Create New Organizational Unit'.

In short, Admin Account > Admin Console > Organizational Unit > Create New Organizational Unit

After that, enter the name of the new organizational unit. This will be the name of the student study group. Or even a school, when you are operating on a large scale.

Then you have an option to add some description about this group in the Description. Also, you can put this new organization under an existing parent organization. However, these are not mandatory for unit creation. So, you can take care of it later.

If you want to turn on/off service for some specific students within an organizational unit select them in an access group. Then specify the setting for them.

Lastly, add or move new users and devices to your Google workplace organizational unit. You can then apply different settings and services for them.

However, to gain more power over your students' use of different features in the Google Workspace for education, install Safe Docs. This will let you master detailed control over your education workspace. Plus, you enforce different policies more effectively.


When you add an organizational unit, you gain more managerial powers over the digital activities of your school and the students. Therefore, Google workspace organizational units help you to become a better education administrator. At the same time, you can make the Google workspace safer for your students.