As another year of online schooling continues, teachers are expected to learn from the previous year and up their game in terms of students’ online protection. Google is a globally renowned and trusted platform. However, it is still necessary for us to do research and ask, how does google protect students’ privacy?

As we become better at protecting ourselves online, predators also become better at hacking and ensuing havoc. In this article, we will be discussing how you can protect your students online in the upcoming school year. So, if you have questions such as, is google education secure? Or, is Google Workspace for Education Safe? -then keep on reading

Protect Students Privacy in Google Workspace

Dangers Students Might Face During Online Classes

The internet is simultaneously the most liberating yet dangerous creation by man. The internet allows children's education to achieve new heights. However, it also poses a lot of threats to a child's mental wellbeing. Here are a few dangers students may encounter during online classes.

Information Leakage

Most classes online happen through Zoom or Google Meet. Though these are both trusted platforms, they are relatively simple to hack into. The pandemic saw the rise of ‘zoombombing’ where strangers randomly entered online classes. This may appear as fun and games. However, it can be dangerous and open gateways for hacking or information leakage.

Hacking And Viruses

Google Workspace is a safe platform without ads or strange links. However, that does not guarantee that students will not receive spam messages through emails or strange ad suggestions. If a student clicks on a wrong link, they can risk getting hacked or getting a virus on their computer.


Just like in real classrooms, bullying pervades in online classrooms as well. Without the complications of confrontation, students often bully each other by sending harsh messages or crude images and emojis. These messages greatly impact a child's mental wellbeing and self-confidence.

How To Protect Students privacy In Google Workspace

As you are aware by now, there are many dangers students run into during online classes. As their teacher, you must do your best in protecting your students' privacy when they attend online classes. Here are a few ways you can maintain students' safety in Google Workspace.

Learning About Children’s Online Protection

First, it is important to educate yourself on issues regarding students' online safety. The United States has three laws that protect children against online predators; FERPA, COPPA, and CIPA. Learn about what terms and conditions regarding these laws so that you know what to do if a student is ever in danger.

Additionally, also take the time to learn about Google’s privacy and security center. Google takes extensive measures to protect its users online. Learning about Google's online safety protocols will let you better protect your students in Google's online workspace.

Using Safe Doc to Protect Students privacy In Google Workspace

Safe Doc is a browser extension that gives you control over what your students can or cannot access online. For instance, you can block certain emojis so that students can't participate in cyberbullying.

Additionally, you can also block certain search so that students cannot google obscene pictures or content. Safe Doc lets you organize students’ data online while also keeping you updated on what students are doing in Google Workspace.

Seminars, Workshops, And Tutorials

Students; online protection is a two-way street. There is only so much a teacher can do on their own. To ensure the full security of students online, parents and teachers must collaborate to ensure children know how to protect themselves.

As a teacher, you must help parents navigate Google's security system. You should hold workshops or seminars to teach students about netiquette and online safety. Additionally, you can also hold online parent-teacher meetings to tell parents about necessary internet safety apps such as VPNs, Parent Control, Ad-block, etc.


We hope this article helped you understand the importance of students' online safety. If you're still struggling with questions like, how does google workspace protect students’ privacy? - try using Safe Doc and avail best students’ online protection software on the market.

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