In this blog, you will learn how you can save Bookmarks in Google Workspace. A bookmark is a type of placeholder that stores a website URL address for future reference. So, you don’t need to type the URL or go to Google and search for the website. As a result, you can directly visit a website of your choice without any hassle and further search while saving you valuable time. 

Google Workspace has the features to create, edit, and manage bookmarks from the Gmail Admin (Google Workspace Admin Console) and through the user side.

How to add Bookmarks in Google Workspace through Admin Console?

To add the bookmarks through Gmail Admin (Google Workspace admin console), you should follow these steps -

  1. Sign in to your Admin Console and go to Menu.
  2. Then, go to Devices > Chrome > Settings. It will then open User & browser settings, and you’re taking this action by signing into Chrome Browser Cloud Management. Then go to Menu > Chrome Browser > Settings
  3. Select the top organizational unit to apply the configuration on the enrolled browsers and all users. Alternatively, you can select a child OU. 
  4. After that, click Managed Bookmarks from the User Experience section.
  5. Next, find the folder in which you want to save the bookmark. To see the nested folders, you should click expand. 
  6. Click Add > Bookmark on the right. Give a Bookmark name and enter the Bookmark URL.
  7. Finally, click Add and then click Save

How do you organize bookmarks by adding a folder?

  1. To add your folder, you should go to the Managed Bookmarks option from the Admin Console.
  2. Find the parent folder where you have to include the new folder. 
  3. Then, click Add> Folder from the right side.
  4. Give a Folder name for the newly created folder.
  5. Click Add and finally Save

Delete your bookmarks and folders

  1. Again, you have to go to the Managed bookmarks options to delete your bookmarks and the folders.
  2. Then, find folders and bookmarks that you want to delete. To see the nested folders, you should click expand.
  3. Now, to delete a single item, you should click More > Delete from the right side. If you want to delete multiple items, then select the bunch of folders and bookmarks. Click Delete from the top.
  4. Finally, click Save.

How does a Google Workspace user create and edit bookmarks?

  1. First, open the Chrome browser from your computer.
  2. Launch the site for which you want to add a bookmark. 
  3. Finally, click the Star icon and then Save it. 

Also, you can add the bookmark from the menu of your Chrome browser. So, follow these simple steps –

  1. Click More from the top right of your Chrome.
  2. Then click Bookmarks > Bookmark this tab.

If you want to add the bookmarks from the side panel, then –

  1. Click the icon just from the left side of your profile picture or initials from the top right corner.
  2.  Click the down arrow from this panel. Then click Bookmarks

Organize your bookmarks within a folder

You can manage your bookmarks easily by organizing them within a folder. Below are the steps you need to follow –

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Go to More > Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager
  3. Then click More from the Bookmarks tab.
  4. Finally, click Add new folder.
  • If you want to move your bookmarks within a folder, then go to the Bookmark Manager. Then, you can drag a bookmark within a folder or drag it up or down. Also, you can copy and paste the bookmarks to organize them in a sequence.
  • Moreover, you can use the Sort by name option to organize your bookmarks alphabetically. To find this option you have to click on More from the Bookmarks tab of the Bookmark Manager.

Import your bookmarks

You have to go to the same option – Bookmark Manager from Chrome to import your bookmarks. Then, go through these steps –

  1. Click More > Import Bookmarks from the top right corner of the Bookmarks tab.
  2. Now, select the HTML file that contains your bookmarks.
  3. Finally, Import > Done.

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