Google is continuing its march into the education market with the release of Google Workspace for Education (GWFE) tools. The new Google Workspace for Education tools is designed to provide a more collaborative and productive online learning environment for students and teachers. The GWFE suite consists of a variety of apps, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. These apps allow students and teachers to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and surveys online.

The apps are also compatible with Google Classroom, which allows teachers to manage assignments and track student progress.

One of the most impressive features of GWFE is its integration with Google Earth. Using Google Earth, students can view maps, satellite images, and 3D models of Earth alongside their GWFE documents. For example, a student can create an assignment using Google Docs and then add a link to a map or satellite image from Google Earth. Once the link is created in Docs, students can access it while editing the document online. Currently, only Chromebooks with the Google Earth extension are compatible with GWFE. GWFE tools are expected to be released in 2022 for free for all schools around the world.

Google Workspace for Education Tools

Paid GWFE Services Offered by Google

If you need more strong security tools or more teaching and learning tools for your instructors, you can buy one of our paid editions of Education Fundamentals to satisfy your unique needs.

  • Google Workspace for Education Standard

To make online learning even safer, Google Workspace for Education tools Standard expands on Education Fundamentals to offer institutions increased security via Security Center, more visibility through tools like advanced audit logs, and additional controls as advanced mobile management.

  • The Teaching and Learning Upgrade

The Learning and Teaching Upgrade builds on the Education Fundamentals or even Education Standard to help teachers be more effective in the classroom. It adds advanced video communication in Google Meet, features that make Classroom more fun, and tools that help students think critically and stay on task with originality reports.

  • Google Workspace for Education Plus

Google Workspace for Education Plus, which used to be called G Suite Enterprise for Education, adds on to Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, and the Teaching and Learning Upgrade. It’s a lot more powerful than G Suite Enterprise for Education. This is the ultimate version for a complete solution that includes enhanced security and analytics, as well as teaching and learning features.

Starting on April 14, 2021, schools and other groups will be able to buy the Learning and Teaching Upgrade for Education Standard and the Education Standard Upgrade for Teaching and Learning. Education Plus is the name of the new edition of G Suite for Enterprise for Education, and institutions that have already bought it will start to see it in their admin console. They will also get all the attributes of Education Plus.

Choosing a Company Offering GWFE Services

If you’re using Google Apps at your school or district, you can use Google’s paid online collaboration and editing tools. Google for Education is a 50-50 revenue split between Google and K-12 schools that subscribe to the service. Then you must look for the following:

Certifications a company providing GWFE Must Have

If you’re looking for a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) consultant, be sure to ask your company to have the following certifications:

  • Google for Education Certified Trainer
  • Google for Education Certified Administrator
  • Google for Education Certified Trainer Leader

Advantages of Availing GWFE Services

Following are the advantages of getting GWFE services:

  • Google has announced the launch of Google Workspace for Education apps, a suite of tools that helps educators and students collaborate and communicate. The new tools include email, calendar, document editing, and chat.
  • Google Workspace for Education tools is available now to all schools and districts that have a Google Apps for Education account.
  • One of the greatest challenges for educators has been how to communicate effectively with students. An email is a great tool, but it can quickly become cluttered with all the messages that need to be sent out. Google Workspace for Education apps helps solve this problem by allowing users to create groups within their workspace where they can share files and send one message to many people at once
  • Teachers can use Google Workspace for Education to quickly communicate with students and parents about assignments, papers, tests, and after-school events.
  • Another problem that educators face is how to effectively collaborate on a document with a team of students in a short amount of time. Initially, the document must be saved in a shared location where everyone has access to it, and a new copy must be created in each user’s Google Drive. Google Workspace for Education tools allows users to easily create a document within the workspace and share it with their collaborators without leaving the program.
  • This allows students to work collaboratively on class projects in real-time, rather than waiting until after school to get together and do it in person.

In addition to the communication and collaboration tools, Google Workspace for Education also includes a suite of apps that can be used in the classroom. The apps include Google Earth, Google Maps, Blogger, and Picasa. These apps can help students learn about the world around them and how to use different technologies to create content.

Safe Doc

Safe Doc paves the way for IT management to have granular control over GWFE features that the Google Admin Console does not. Safe Doc setup and configuration are easy to understand and follow. Blocking individual GWFE functions is like turning a light switch on and off. Take the People tab in Google Classroom as an example. When you set the value of the BlockClassroomPeopleInfo policy, Safe Doc automatically removes the People tab from Google Classroom cloud apps for all students. By centrally controlling GWFE services, Safe Doc protects students from distractions and helps them focus on learning in a secure app environment. As a Google Cloud Technology Partner, we understand the challenges facing school administrators IT very well. Google may not respond to every piece of feedback. But we work closely with schools to investigate student mischief and fix “loopholes” for schools as early as possible.