In this amazing blog post, we will see a most asked issue, which is blocking Q&A in Google Slides using Google Admin Console. As an educator, maintaining control of the classroom is essential for a productive and successful learning environment. One of the challenges of teaching with technology is managing the use of tools like Google Slides.

While this presentation software is a valuable resource for fostering engagement and interactivity in the classroom, it can also pose distractions and disruptions if not managed properly.

One feature that can be particularly problematic is the Q&A function in Google Slides.

In this article, we will explore how Google Admin can help you block Q&A in Google Slides and maintain classroom control.

What is the Q&A function in Google Slides?

The Q&A function in Google Slides is an amazing feature that allows your audience to ask questions during your presentation, making it a truly interactive experience.

With the Q&A function, you can engage with your audience in real-time and address any concerns or queries they may have. Not only does this help you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, but it also ensures that everyone is on the same page. 

Why blocking Q&A in google slides is important for classroom control

Blocking Q&A in Google Slides is an important aspect of classroom management. Teachers can minimize disruptions and distractions by disabling this feature.

One of the benefits of using Google Slides is the ability to create interactive and engaging presentations. However, this also means that students have the opportunity to contribute to the presentation in real-time through the Q&A feature. 

While this can be a valuable way to encourage participation, it can also lead to off-topic discussions, inappropriate comments, and other distractions that can hinder learning.

By blocking Q&A in Google Slides, educators can ensure that their students are focused on the presentation and minimize potential disruptions. This is especially important for larger classes where it can be difficult to manage multiple conversations at once.

How Google Admin can help with blocking Q&A in Google Slides

Google Admin is a powerful tool for managing G Suite accounts, including Google Slides. With Google Admin, administrators can control various settings, including those related to Q&A in Google Slides.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to block Q&A in Google Slides using Google Admin Slides.

  1. Here you can see a teacher's account.Google Admin Console
  2. And then student1 Alicia Leggett's account.Google Admin Console
  3. And then student2, Elizabeth Ewing's account.Google Admin Console
  4. The teacher can present the slides by clicking on the Dropdown with the Slideshow option and then clicking on Presenter View.Google Admin Console
  5. A separate window will open up.Google Admin Console
  6. Now click on the AUDIENCE TOOLS and click the Start New button.Google Admin Console
  7. This window has two columns.
    • The left side is Slides, where the teacher can navigate through slides, and the right side is the Q/A section.Google Admin Console
  8. And the most important thing is, in your Google Slides window, a URL will appear.
    • This is the URL where all the students or participants will ask the questions. Share it with your students.Google Admin Console
    • This is how QA window looks on all the particpants.Google Admin Console
  9. Now you can see that Student2 has asked a question that appeared on everyone's screen. Who has shared the URL.Google Admin Console
  10. The teacher can present the questions that are most liked. When clicking on the Present button, the questions will appear in the Slideshow with the name of the student.Google Admin Console

Now let's see how to block these URLs.

  1. Go to Google Admin and click on settings > users & browsers.Google Admin Console
  2. Then select the OU where you want to apply the settings.Google Admin Console
  3. Now search URL blocking settings and enter these URLs, one in each mine.
Google Admin Console

Let's verify the results now

  • Go to the Student1 account and reload the page. As you can see, both of the URLs are blocked.
  • Once Q&A has been disabled, students will no longer be able to submit questions and comments during presentations.
Google Admin Console
Google Admin Console

Benefits of blocking Google Slides Q&A feature for classroom management

  • Q&A blocking is an invaluable tool for presenters, allowing them to control the flow of the presentation and to ensure that their audience stays focused on the content. 
  • When Q&A blocking is enabled, viewers are unable to submit questions during the presentation. This allows the presenter to remain in control of the presentation and to provide a more organized and polished presentation.
  • Another great benefit to blocking Q&A in Google Slides is that it allows presenters to avoid any uncomfortable or awkward questions. This is especially useful in professional and corporate settings, where it is important to maintain an appropriate atmosphere. 

Finally, blocking Q&A can also help presenters to better anticipate the questions that their audience might have.

Common Q&A concerns and how to address them with Google Slides

While Q&A in Google Slides can be a valuable way to promote engagement and critical thinking, it can also raise concerns for educators. Some common concerns include:

  • Off-topic questions and comments
  • Inappropriate content
  • Overwhelming volume of questions
  • To address these concerns, educators can:
  • Set clear expectations for appropriate behavior
  • Use moderation tools to filter out inappropriate content
  • Limit the amount of time dedicated to Q&A

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Google Admin Console

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Google Slides is a valuable tool for promoting engagement and interactivity in the classroom. However, it is important for educators to be able to manage this tool effectively to maintain classroom control. By using Google Admin to block Q&A in Google Slides and following best practices for classroom management, educators can create a productive and successful learning environment for their students.