Here's a brief run-through of what to expect from our hiring process. All of the interviews are virtual meetings over Google Meet.

Step 1 - Technical Interview

The first step in your path is to an evaluation of your solid technical skills for this role, e.g. programming skill or problem-solving skill. This interview appointment slot is set to 2 hours, yet the real interview time is less than 2 hours. Only 1 interviewer is in this interview. The interview is structured as follows.

  1. Brief introduction and knowing your experience and availability. 
  2. Coding challenge. You'll be tasked to complete a mini frontend project with the Vue.js framework in 1 hour. Before the implementation, you will be given plenty of time to know the environment, understand the requirements, set up the environment, ask questions etc. When you book the technical interview, you need to sign up for a CodeSandbox account, and share the username with us.
  3. After the coding challenge, you may be asked to answer technical questions. 

Step 2 - Panel Interview

After you demonstrate a strong technical competency, we will notify you to book a 1 hour panel interview with more than 1 interviewer. The interview is pretty much non-technical. We mainly focus on your soft skills to find whether you're a good cultural fit to our company. 

Step 3 - HR Interview

This is the final 30 minute interview to discuss your compensation package and employment terms. Before proceeding to the interview, we will ask you to email us some proof, e.g. employment record or payslips. Key oral agreements, e.g. salary structure, in the interview will be written to the offer letter.

In the end

Best of luck as you showcase your capabilities during the interview rounds. We hope this experience is both insightful and enjoyable for you. If you'd like to hear more information, please just reach out to us.