In this article, we are going to discuss Everything You Need To Know About Google Calendar ID. Google calendar is like an ordinary calendar with various additional features to facilitate the user.  It has a default time zone and a location associated with your current place of residence. Each Google calendar has an ID, the email address used to set up a Google account.

Planning events on your phone seems like a breeze. You can check the upcoming events on your Google calendar and share your plans with your friends. If you have a private Google calendar, you need to make it public to share it with others.

Sometimes it can be difficult to track down the events in your life. If you have a busy schedule and cannot keep track of the upcoming events, you can use your Google calendar. Your Google calendar ID will help you share the details of your schedule with others through a public calendar.

Google Calendar ID

What's a Google Calendar ID?

Every calendar in Google Calendar has a unique identifier called the Google Calendar ID. This ID is a combination of letters and numbers and serves as a way to differentiate between multiple calendars. It is used to identify and access specific calendars, whether they are personal calendars or shared calendars.

Where To Find The Calendar ID?

The Google calendar ID helps you display events from a Google calendar. If you want to share the details of these events with a team at work, you need to insert the corresponding Google calendar ID. You can easily find the Google calendar ID by following the given steps

  1. Go to the Google Calendar interface.
Google Calendar ID
  1. Select the My Calendar on the left panel. Hover over the calendar, click on More, and then select Settings and sharing. 
Google Calendar ID
  1. Scroll down on the screen and you will find the Calendar ID.
Google Calendar ID

You can use this calendar ID to share your schedules and set up meetings online in a matter of minutes.

What Types Of Google Calendars Are There?

Google calendars have a wide range of uses. It has built information on all the major holidays in your country. It provides an insight into the balanced use of a company's resources. And it is a great way to manage your schedule and keep track of all the events you have to attend within your work and leisure purview.

Primary Calendar

The primary calendar is the first calendar attached to your account. It is formed automatically as you set up a Google account. The calendar ID of your primary calendar is your email address.

You cannot delete the primary calendar as long as your Google account exists. On the other hand, you can make other Google calendars for various purposes. You can make changes, share and delete these additional Google accounts whenever you want.

Shared calendar

A shared Google calendar is shared with the people in a company, a team, a school, college, or any other group. This type of Google calendar shows all the upcoming events in your company. If you have a shared calendar with your friends and family, you can use it to get notifications for birthdays, parties, and other special occasions. Below is an example of a group calendar.

Resource calendars. 

When a group of people uses the same resource such as a car or a meeting room, it becomes difficult to manage it among many contenders. Resource calendars help people in an organization set up a schedule to use the resource according to their requirements. An example of a resource calendar ID is as follows.

Whenever a person needs to use the resource, they create an event with the help of Foresight on the Google calendar. The calendar shows the exact dates on which the resource is booked and by which employee or member of the group.

Holiday Calendars By Country

Google holiday calendars show all the official and unofficial holidays according to your location. You can also see holidays based in other countries. Google has introduced 54-country-based holiday calendars. You can now view the holidays on 143-holiday calendars through your android phone. If you want to change the settings of Google calendar by country, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the Google calendar app
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click on Holidays
  4. Select the name of the country displayed on your calendar.
  5. Choose a new country to add to your calendar.
Google Calendar ID

For example, the holiday calendar ID of United States is as below. 

en.usa#[email protected]

Phase of Moon

Google is a place for all types of information. If you follow a routine that coincides with the phases of the moon, you can find it on Google calendars. Follow the given steps to find the phases of the moon on your Google calendar:

  1. Go to Google Calendar.
  2. Click on Settings.
Google Calendar ID
Phase of Moon
  1. Select Add Calendar.
  2. Open the tab Browse calendars of interest.
  3. Scroll down and you will see Phases of The Moon
  4. Click on the check box and the phases of the moon will appear on your calendar.

Sport Calendars

Sports calendars provide you with the schedules of your favorite sports league. You can add a sports schedule to your Google calendar by following a few simple steps:

  • Open Google calendar.
  • Select the left-hand menu on the icon.
  • Select the plus icon beside the + option.
  • Scroll down to Browse calendars of interest
  • You will see a list of Sports displayed on the calendar.
  • Select your favorite sport and you can manage your schedule accordingly.

What is the use of Google Calendar IDs?

There are multiple uses for Google calendar IDs. They identify your calendar against others by using your specific email Id making it easier to navigate public and shared Google calendars. You can also use your Google calendar ID to:

  1. Send and receive automatic invites and RSVP to events by using Foresight.
  2. Send reminders for special events to specific Google calendars.
  3. You can use a Google calendar for your public website by implementing a public AP.  You can retrieve the Google Calendar API by using your Google ID. 


Google calendar ID provides you with identification for your calendar. It allows users to invite people to different meetings from different calendars. It also helps differentiate between the schedules on sports and holiday calendars and provides an automatic solution for sending and receiving Google invites. Foresight uses Google calendar ID to manage all your invitations without mixing any schedules and sends RSVPs in real-time.