In this article we are going to discuss that you can create a self grading quiz in Google Classroom. Creating a self-grading assignment in Google Classroom is a must for schools. Teacher don't always have time to grade questions manually. So, they need a AI that automate the grading of quiz.

Creating Self Grading Quiz in Google Classroom

If you are looking to save time by creating a self-grading quiz, Google Workspace can be an excellent, efficient medium where you can do that. Creating a self-grading quiz in Google Classroom using Google Form can save your time. More importantly, a platform such as Google Workspace allows you to give your students feedback right away once they are done with the assessments.

In this article, you will learn how you can create a test that can grade itself on Google Workspace. As it happens, creating a self-grading quiz on a Google Form entails some steps that one should learn thoroughly before making one for themselves. So, if you were wondering, h

"How do I create a self grading test on Google?“ then this article is exactly for you.

Creating A Self-Grading Quiz in Google Classroom

Opening a form on Google is pretty self-explanatory. First, you need to open Google Docs and create a new document there. Afterward, you have to type in all the questions you wish to put down for assessment. Depending on the type of question, you can insert either option on space for students to write the answers down.

After creating a form for a self-grading quiz, you need to click on "Choose Response Destination" to insert responses into a spreadsheet. By clicking on View Responses, you will see the spreadsheet as a whole.

In the Form Responses tab, you have to add a couple of lines to include the answers and their corresponding values. It is convenient to use a frozen raw and make a separate list to include all the values for the answers. After successfully creating the new tab for all the test scores, you can cross-reference all examinees' responses against the results.

You can create titles for Name, Points, and Percentage in the sheet. You can refer to the question names from the responses tab for the titles you have made. The first line can reference the cell of the term the first person is responding to. In addition, you have to use an IF statement to identify if the first answer is correct.

The number that each question carries will be converted into percentage points and move forward in the percentage tally. Remember that you can use the SUM function to accumulate your points and calculate the average in the current field.

Using A Template For Self-Grading Assessment

If you are unwilling to make a spreadsheet manually, you can always expedite your work by using templates from Google Docs. By searching for Self Grading Quiz, you can find hundreds of default templates that you can use and edit according to your need and convenience. Templates are an effective and fast-track way of making self-grading quizzes in the workspace.

Customize The Colors To Check Answers

If the quiz you have set up is more of a descriptive one, you can use colors to help you quickly distinguish the wrong answers from the correct ones. Colors can help you discern the extent to which a descriptive answer is correct.

"Conditional Formatting" is a unique feature of Google Spreadsheets that allows you to change the color palette based on the word detected in the cell. As a result, you can customize specific comments to make individual answer cells appear a certain way. It is a helpful technique to check the scripts quickly and efficiently.


Google Forms are a widely popular and effective tool that allows the instructors to perform evaluations productively and fruitfully. The features you get to utilize through the medium of Google Workspace are wide-ranging and systematic. So, if you were wondering, " How do I automatically grade assignments in Google classrooms?" you probably have an answer by now.

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