How to Combine Multiple Google Forms into One Large Form?

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It’s not uncommon that we have created many Google Forms with well thought questions and we may reuse them in the future.

Unfortunately, Google Forms doesn’t have the capability of copy-and-paste. It’s very time-consuming and error-prone to type the questions correctly.

Now you don’t have to. We built a small web application to relieve this pain, called Form Merger. Let’s see how it solved this problem.

Step 1. Get Form Merger from G Suite Marketplace

  • Then it will ask you to login and Allow permissions to read / write Forms files in your Google Drive.
  • You will soon redirected into the application.

Step 2. Select Forms to Combine

You will be presented with the main interface of the application. And

  • Click Select Forms.
  • In the popup dialog, you will see all your Forms located in your Google Drive.
  • You may multiple select the Forms to be combined, using CTRL key or Shift key.
  • When you finish, click Select to close the dialog.

Now you will see the forms listed in the box

  • Use mouse to drag and drop forms into the order by which these forms will be merged.
  • Fill in new title of form in the box of Save Form as.
  • (optional) Fill in the description of the combined form in Form Description.

Step 3. Start the Forms Fusion

  • Click Merge.
  • Wait for 10s (or more depending on how many questions your forms have in total).
  • You will see a link to the combined form below.
  • Now you see the combined long form.

You are all set.

Please leave any comments of your problems / issues.

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